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Track and retarget any link you share

Grow your audience by adding retargeting pixels
and own Call-to-Action to your branded links

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Add superpowers to links you share

Lower your ads CPC and increase CTR by retargeting a valuable audience.

You’re probably sharing some links with your audience. Some of them lead to external content. With RocketLink you can retarget all visitors that are actually active and interested in some topic.

Retargeting pixels

Convert anyone who clicks on your link into perfectly targeted custom audience on multiple ad platforms.


Create short links with superpowers with just a few clicks.

Custom domains

Use your own subdomains with custom URL slugs for better branding.

Custom 404 redirects

Choose the destination for mistyped links.


Add custom call-to-action overlays on almost any webpage you’d like to share with your users.


Measure your efforts with perspicuous statistics.

Custom OG tags

Customize the thumbnail, title and description of the link shared in social media.

QR codes

Retarget offline audience by sharing QR codes with pixels.

Find links to share

Choose the right content to share with your audience. It can be almost anything. Interesting articles, videos, blog posts, podcasts, Kickstarter campaigns work the best.

Arm your link

Add Superpowers to links before sharing

Add your remarketing pixels, Call-to-Action popups, opt-in forms or any custom scripts that will help you track and retarget your audience in multiple ad platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. You can also add your custom scripts via Google Tag Manager to any link you shorten.

Analyze and retarget

Retarget like a Boss

Once you get a satisfying number of clicks you can start your retargeting campaigns in ad platforms that you use. This time you will finally be able to create the custom audience actually interested in your content, lower your ads CPC and increase CTR.


RocketLink allows me to grow my audience faster. It makes it easy to retarget anyone who clicks on any piece of content. RocketLink is simple but powerful!

Omer Khan

Founder, SaaS Club

Using RocketLink shortener really helps in retargeting, even to users who have never visited your website before

Matt Pliszka

Founder, PickSaaS

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