8 ways of using RocketLink

8 ways of using RocketLink

Wojciech Jasnos

While running a marketing campaign and generating leads the links which you use are essential. With RocketLink you can boost your links and use their outstanding functions for other purposes. Curious what special powers you might get with them? Fasten your seatbelt and read carefully!

1. Target ads to people who clicked external links

RocketLink gives you the opportunity to retarget your campaigns to a custom audience based on people who have previously clicked in particular links. What’s so amazing about it is that it’s possible even if you’re not an owner of the page. Moreover, you can add pixels where it’s impossible with Facebook’s Pixel, for example, Medium or Amazon.

Example: Imagine you have e-commerce. You share an article published on Vogue with trends for Fall 2019. That way you gather people who are interested in this subject (who follow fashion trends) and in your next campaign with a new collection you can easier reach an engaged audience.

2. Target ads to social media groups

Facebook doesn’t allow for targeting directly to groups, which could be very helpful as a community gathered in one place is strictly focused on some topics. How to do it with RocketLink? Once you publish a link to some breaking news or other excellent content (again: it doesn’t have to be published on your website, you can share news from any other publisher), you’ll get your custom audience perfect for targeting your upcoming ads. Additionally, you can share the same link in a few groups (not only on Facebook) and reach more potential customers.

Example: You share a link to Business Insider’s article about the best tools for marketers in the growth hacking group on Facebook. Later, you target an ad about the advantages of your online tool to people who showed interest in the link shared by you.

Social Media Groups

3. Get back your audience

If your company is present on social media, you probably share some links to make your communication interesting. Therefore, you send your customers away. Why won’t you create customised url and get back them to your website?

One of RocketLink’s secret powers is adding call to action (CTA) button to the links you share, so that readers after opening desired content, can also get attracted to visit your page.

Example: You share Forbes article on how to run an enterprise and add a CTA button which says „This article might interest you as well” and share your blog post with a related subject.

4. Build subscribers list

A similar effect you can achieve with pop-ups, widgets (like chat boxes), opt-in forms, web push notifications and so on. That way you can keep in touch with your customers in many different scenarios. Engage with your potential clients, give them desired answers via chat or asked them to join your newsletter or web push notifications.

Example: A customer who clicked on the link shared on your social media page is now leaving the page after checking out an interesting article. Suddenly, your pop-up encourages him to sign up for your newsletter.

5. Display video

Everyone says we live in the video era. Use it! While sharing any link, you can embed in it your video. That way a visitor will see your additional content after clicking the link. Remember, that it needs to be related so that it won’t be seen as an intrusive ad by the viewer.

Example: You share a link to Techcrunch’s text about the news in the context of Artificial Intelligence, and you embed your product video which explains how your tool takes advantage of AI for boosting business.

6. Use influencer’s audience

When you cooperate with influencers, your sponsored content get to their followers. But it happens only when they publish a piece of content or share a link. Wouldn’t be great to have the opportunity to take over their audience? It’s possible with RocketLink.

Example: Imagine you run a campaign that promotes your tool’s new feature. An influencer shares a link that you’ve prepared via RocketLink. That way you build a custom audience based on influencer’s community. After the campaign, you can target your ads to this audience directly, without further cooperation with a particular person.

Influencers audience

7. Improve your bio

Thanks to link shortener you can customise any link with your brand’s name or any other phrase. That way people know what they’re clicking instead of just clicking a random link. It can be useful in a bio on social media or a footer in the e-mail message.

Example: Add a customised link into your Twitter bio and get a more professional look as well as more chances that people will click the link, which seems trustworthy, like brandna.me/your-name

8. Use QR code

While creating a link via RocketLink, you can also generate a QR code which you can place on your website and social media, as well as print it and place it anywhere you wish. What’s unique about it? You can set up a campaign and target it to people who have scanned a specific QR code.

Example: Imagine you have both online and offline shop. In your stored you attract people to get your mobile app by scanning a QR code (which is a sticker placed on the mirrors in changing rooms). Later you target an ad with offline discounts to people who used the QR code, as you know that these people have already visited your shop and can be possibly willing to get back there.

Hope that this brief description has shown you RocketLink’s spectrum of possibilities. All of these ways of using this resultful tool have one thing in common: they allow to create a custom audience. No more inefficient ads on social media or Google Ads. Don’t hesitate to try out one of its three plans that will for sure meet your requirements or maybe even do things that you haven’t dreamt of!

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