How it works?

Setup your pixels

Add retargeting pixels from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn

Paste your link

Paste the link you want to share in your RocketLink dashboard and select features


Share shortened link with your audience, social media fans and let them click it and share further

Analyze and retarget

Analyze clicks and create custom audience of people who clicked your link to reach them with ads


Smooth Link Shortening

Shorten any link you’d like to share and we will add your retargeting codes turning a regular link into a RocketLink.

Decent Analytics

Measure your targeting efforts by viewing what works. Find out your audiences location, web browser type and OS.

Powerful Retargeting

Create custom audiences of anyone who clicked on your links and reach them with perfectly targeted ads on multiple platforms.


If you manage a large number of pixels you can tag every set of them with a brandname. You will then be able to include all of them in a shortened link with a single click.

Custom Domains

If you don’t like domain names we provide you can setup your custom domains. Use as many you need!

QR Codes

Retarget even your offline audience by sharing QR Codes packed with your pixels.

Reduce your ads cost by 80% and increase CTR by 500%

Targeting people who clicked any of your links is the best way to create more accurate ads.
Creating custom audience of people actually interested in your content not only makes your ads cheaper. It also increases clickthroughs and conversion.

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