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Create friendly and clickable links by using easy to remember URLs and customizing the link preview thumbnail. 

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Sharing links?
Do it the right way 👍

You’re probably sharing some external links online. Doing that you are sending visitors away to others’ websites. It’s time to get them back! ‍

Everyone who clicks on your link can be converted into a perfectly targeted custom audience. ‍

Sharing links
Link retargeting

Retarget anyone who clicked on your link

People who clicked specific links are an incomparably better target than random users because they have already shown interest in some topic.

Getting their attention to your ads is way cheaper and more effective.​

Lower CPC

Higher CTR

New Integration lets you automatically Rocket-fuel your links straight from the social media posts planner.

Get most from links you share

Powerful features make RocketLink the last link management tool you will ever need.

Custom Domains


Retargeting Pixels




Call to Action


Custom Scripts


QR Codes


Custom Thumbnails


Custom 404 Redirects

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UTM Tags


Chrome & Firefox extensions


GDPR Consent Option


SocialBee Integration

CTA Demo Cases

Drive traffic back to your website by using simple call-to-action overlays on external content that you share with your audience.

Get 'em back for more!


Drive traffic back to your website using simple Call-to-Action overlays on external content you share.

Get their emails!


Build email list displaying opt-in forms from your provider on external content you share.

Interact with your audience


Include any third-party chatbox script in links you share to keep in touch with your visitors even when they leave your page.

What about a YouTube video box?


You got it! RocketLink makes it easy to add an embed container with any content like a YouTube video.

Integrate other tools!


You can integrate almost any tool you use that provides the JavaScript code snippet. Push Notification opt-ins, Brand Quizzes, Surveys, etc.

Customers are lovin’ it

Over 8000 happy marketers and brands are using RocketLink

Rocket-fuel your marketing

Amazon link shortener – skyrocket your links

RocketLink is great as an Amazon link shortener. You can shorten your links to offers on Amazon and transform them into user-friendly URLs. Additionally, thanks to RocketLink you can use a custom domain and customized URL slugs. All this combined together will make your links look amazing. They will become very attractive to users. CTR will also increase. However, the real value is given by the functionality of placing retargeting pixels in your links. In other words, anyone who clicks on your links will be subscribed to marketing lists. This will allow you to build custom audiences, which you can use to target your ads. Thanks to Amazon link shortener such as RocketLink you will be able to optimize the results of your promotional activities, increase CTR and reduce costs.

Amazon – ecommerce giant

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world. Millions of sellers compete for customers every day. Increase your chances by using shorten Amazon links. Take advantage of the opportunities that RocketLink gives you and be always ahead of your competition. Increase sales on Amazon now!

RocketLink – tool for smart Marketers

If we talk about the benefits of RocketLink we can’t forget about the different CTAs. Thanks to them, you can remain in the minds of your users even after switching to another page. For more details, please check our use cases. You won’t be disappointed!

How do I shorten an Amazon link?

Create an account on Copy any Amazon link and paste it into the text field in your RocketLink panel. Click on the button and create your shortened Amazon link which will be generated by share links generator. You can also customize the appearance of the link before you use it.

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