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7 Ideas for Your Company’s LinkedIn Page You Should Implement Today

Wojciech Jasnos

LinkedIn can be a great platform not only for personal branding, but it can also help in a band’s marketing. It gathered already more than 500 million users around the world. LinkedIn is designed for business networking so that it can be successfully used for recruitment, but it also has a B2B potential.

Why your company needs a LinkedIn page?

  • It can be the right place for sharing content because most of the LinkedIn user are professionals. Therefore, you can reach people interested in the given topics related to your company.
  • There are fewer ad campaigns so they can be more effective than on other social media platforms.
  • LinkedIn offers a lot of possibilities for targeting ads.
  • Organic reach is more significant than Facebook posts.
  • LinkedIn users are well educated, have the potential to become customers, and they trust content published on these platforms.
  • Employees can link to your page as a workplace and therefore promote it. It can also boost resume matching algorithm if you run job offerings on that platform.

You are probably now convinced that your company can benefit from LinkedIn, but you can wonder how to make the most of it.

Wait no more!

TODO LIST for LinkedIn company page:

Use visuals

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals, but they are still Internet users overwhelmed with information. You need to attract your audience to your message. There are Oplenty options to do so. An appealing graphic with your company’s branding and outstanding compared to other posts can get some attention. To present complex data, you should use infographic – it is easier to get familiar with than a full report. It is also more sharable so you can go viral with some amazing piece of content. Short animations and slide shares can include highlights from your content and therefore engage in reading a whole article.

Humanize your company

Create a series of posts with a short description of your employees. Present them one by one, let them share and be proud of working at your company. In the B2B industry, people like to know with whom they cooperate. Engage your team to help you build a trusted company’s image. You can organize webinars or AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions to share knowledge. Use LinkedIn for promoting online training and encourage users to ask questions related to your company and the whole industry.

Use link shorteners

No matter what you share on LinkedIn, you should always shorten your links and also customize them. That way, you can get more website visitors. LinkedIn users are aware of what issues can cause entering unidentified link so they might hesitate before clicking long and complicated links.

With our LinkedIn URL shortener, you can not only shorten and customize links you share but also add superpowers to them. You can embed video or any other element such as pop-up, chatbox, or other widgets.

Take advantage of retargeting

By adding pixels to your links (for example, via RocketLink – the best sniply alternative out there), you can later retarget your ads to people who have already clicked your links (also on other social media platforms and email). That way you can only reach people interested in your products or services and take them smoothly to the next stage of sales funnel. Nowadays, and especially on social media, no-one likes pushy and intrusive ads. If you retarget your campaigns and reach potential clients your, it will be more effective and also profitable for LinkedIn users.

Be active in LinkedIn groups

Share content from your company’s page to groups. It can be an excellent strategy to reach people who are eager to learn and consume your content. If you have premium content, you can make it gated. Create a dedicated landing page and ask for an email address in exchange for access to a piece of content (like e-book, podcast or video). Then, share it in groups as they gather pro-active users.

Unleash the power of InMail

Decision makers and managers are sometimes very hard to approach on social media by displaying ads. You can use this form of campaigns to get into their inboxes. That way, you get more attention, therefore, increase a chance for success.

Redistribute you content

A valuable piece of content can be used again and again. Once you make sure it is updated, you can prepare new visuals and share the same blog posts again. You can also change the form of it – from an article to a podcast. That way you can reach a new audience, for example, users who prefer to listen rather than read.

Do not hesitate to try new forms of posts and campaigns and experiment with your messages. Get to know your audience and use what you know about it for the next activities. Analyze your performance on LinkedIn and optimize your strategy to meet your current and potential customers’ expectations.

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