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7 tips for social media

7 Tips for Social Media Managers for 2020

Wojciech Jasnos

In the case of social media, everyone seems to be an expert these days. As it turns out, running social media profiles is not so easy at all, as social media managers find out it every day. What should you focus on so that social media which are running by you will be successful? Here are some essential tips which may be handy to improve your social media traffic.

Drive conversions

Conversion is the queen in social media. To manage them efficiently, you need to boost conversions. How to do it? First of all, add some links to your profiles. Despite Instagram bio, there are more spaces that can help the visitor navigate to your website. Here are some examples: Twitter’s bio and website field, short description and website field on Facebook, a section called “Publications and Projects” on Linkedin. If the profiles or pages allow you to add more than one link, in addition to the link to the main page, you can also add a link to the landing page targeted at conversion social media users into email subscribers.

Take advantage of the shop section on Facebook and tag products in your posts. That option is also available on Instagram. That way, you can shorten the buyer’s journey and drive traffic to particular product pages. 

Swipe up for more

For sure, you did a “swipe up” at least one time, encouraged by the boosting caption on stories. This feature is one of the best tools Instagram may have ever offered influencers or for business accounts. By adding some links to your stories you can send your followers to any website you want. They can be found from Instagram straight in your store, for example. Anyone with more than 10 000 followers or a verified account can add this feature to stories. Follow three easy steps to do it.

  • open your Instagram Story tool and click the icon of chainlink
  • tap that icon and add a link into the text box
  • now its “Done” button time

If you haven’t reached 10 000 followers yet, use a bio to put your link or use shorter links. It is easier to remember it and easier to copy into browsers. 

Focus on content 

You have met the queen of marketing. Now we are introducing you a king of marking – content. The longer the better. Numbers speak from themselves, long posts can generate nine times more leads than the short ones. The key aspect is good content ( what a surprise! ). You need to create content that will be interesting and that will bring people back for more. Share your thoughts and experiences. Answer the questions that may arise in the minds of people following you. Make content valuable.

Also, don’t forget to diversify. Create other forms of content, not only written ones. Sharing podcast episodes is a good example of content diversification.

You can also get inspired by content that your favourite marketing agency or a marketing consultant creates – both for their clients or used in their owned media. It’s worth following creative professionals within your industry, as they have all the resources needed to follow or even start trends.

Video is a clue

A much better idea than a static photo is a video. The influencers themselves came up with this by starting to record unboxings videos instead of uploading photos of the unpacked packages. Videos are funny and addictive and engaging. Viewers are likely to share them. Don’t forget to add subtitles because 85% of videos uploading on Facebook are watched without sound. If you are wondering how long should be your video here is your answer – videos up to 2 minutes long generating the most engagement of the viewers. E.g. if you run a business like Vision Detection Systems, you could share some video insights on how remote video monitoring works.


Formerly known as Musica.ly, now TikTok takes over the Internet – it has 500 million active users. It is the most downloaded app in the Apple App store ( 33 million downloads during Q1 of 2019 ). Due to the growing popularity, brands will try to use TikTok to promote their own products or services. Do it if your target is young people (they are mainly users of the platform)or your company is part of food, beverages or cloths market. What is published on TikTok? Short videos to the beats of the music. Try to get to your young audience on the new channel. 


There are many reasons for giving Instagram a chance. It’s the second most engaged social media platform after Facebook, and that’s not all. 83% of users say that they discover new products or services on Instagram.
Check out the very insightful article by MobileMonkey on How to Leverage Instagram for Business in 2020.

The new language of communication –  emojis 😇

Have you known that during one day on Facebook over 60 million are being used? A big number, huh? There is no reason to wonder, one emoji can express more than the whole sentence. Thanks to them, it is easier to understand the content and make it more relatable. How and when use it depends on your brand’s image and target. Don’t go wild with emojis because you can discourage your audience. Keep it simple, just to highlight benefits or emphasis the main clue of your post and to create a nice atmosphere on your profile.  

Optimization for different devices and placement

Mobile traffic grows every day. What is obvious to do is to optimize both your ads and website for mobiles. Facebook comes out to meet your needs. It lets you easily customize ads by devices and placements. You have the opportunity to adapt your ads to Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. It takes more time to tailor your ads but it is definitely worth it. You can create separate campaigns for mobile placements and desktop placements. Don’t forget to test the different lengths and creatives of your ads. When it comes to creating ads for Facebook and Instagram – crate them differently. The formatting of ads on Instagram and Facebook will look different on both channels. Even though Facebook says that it automatically run your ads across Instagram Feed and Facebook News Feed. 

Use link retargeting

Shorten any links you share on social media with our link shortening website, the best bitly alternative on the market. With this simple action, you can build a custom audience based on people who have clicked your links before and reach a precise target group. 

We know that as a social media manager you are facing many difficulties in how to surprise and engage your audience. We have big hopes that the tips above will help you increase your social media traffic in 2020.

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