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How Can Twitter Enhance Your Business Marketing in 2020?

Wojciech Jasnos

We have just entered another year, and social media experts are already predicting that 2020 is going to be an amazing year for the whole digital culture.

With time, the inclination of people towards social media platforms is increasing. Consequently, businesses will try even harder to achieve an influencing grip on all the social media hubs, be it, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and or any other platform. 

Undeniably, Twitter is one of the most successful social media platforms in today’s era. Launched, back in the year 2006, it has grabbed enormous attention within all the past years. Currently, with over 300 million monthly active users, Twitter has made a mark in the top social media sites in the world. 

Twitter has always been a unique social media site where people share tweets- a 280 characters long message that revolves around different trending topics. Besides, it has many other facets that make it out of the league. That’s why having a dominating business presence on Twitter no longer remains an option, but has become the need of the moment. 

If you are a businessman who wants to kickstart a prominent business scope on Twitter, then this blog is for you. After an in-depth study and analysis of various real-time instances of Twitter marketing strategies, I have come up with some useful business marketing tactics for Twitter. 

So, let’s start this right away!

Look After Your Twitter Cover Photo

twitter cover photo

It’s a no-brainer that, yes, your Twitter cover photo plays a substantial role in grabbing the attention of viewers of your profile page. That’s why it should be visually enticing and relevant to your business. In accordance with the information provided by the Twitter help center, your cover photo should be of dimension 1500*500 pixels. There are various graphic design tools available in the market like Canva, with the help of them, you can create a compelling Twitter header image.

As per the expert Twitteratis, changing your Twitter cover image on a regular basis should also be a part of your valuable Twitter marketing strategies. Because it provides a rejuvenating vibe to your Twitter presence as well as attracts viewers in various ways, even if you run a business about termites in Michigan.

In addition to this, always make sure to keep the viewer’s mobile experience in mind before putting up a Twitter cover photo. Since, according to a study done by the Omni core agency, 80% of users access Twitter on mobile. That is why your cover image should be clearly visible to them also. So, in 2020, you have to look after your marketing aspects of mobile phones in the first place. By doing this, you can channelize your business endeavors even better. 

Play With Different Content Ideas 

content ideas

Nowadays, it has become world-renowned that content is really a king in all manners. Now, businesses putting their undivided focus on the quality of content and not on the quantity. Well, there’s nothing wrong with this. Because, if your content meets the needs of your buyer persona, then it boosts your sales conversion to another scale altogether. That’s why your content should relate to the psyche of your viewers, which evokes them to take the desired action. 

No doubt, coming up with new content ideas every now and then is not easy. Of course, content creation is not the simplest of jobs. And, this becomes even more tricky when you have only 280 characters to put your ideas into words. However, the exploration of current hot topics is something that can inspire you to develop excellent content. Besides, try to use different multimedia forms like videos, images, GIFs, and more in your content marketing strategies. So, people don’t get bored by seeing similar patterns of things. That’s too very crucial!

Well, as per a study by Hootsuite, videos on Twitter get ten times more engagement compared to the standard image or text tweet. Also, according to them, people watch approx 2 billion videos on Twitter each day. I guess, now, you can estimate the power of video marketing for this platform. Hence, if your content marketing mainly revolves around videos, then, no doubt, you’re going to make something huge for your business in 2020. 

Go For Twitter Polling Aspect

twitter polls

As I mentioned earlier, Twitter has some unique characteristics that simply separates it from the crowd of other social media platforms. And, Twitter polling is one of the most extraordinary features. Following this, you can ask any question related to your service or some other topic in your community. You can provide them with four alternatives to choose as an answer and run polling for a week at the maximum. Twitter shows live voting results in the background. Once it gets done, the results get displayed. 

By far, it is one of the best Twitter marketing strategies you can use to know what your audience really wants. And, to be honest, knowing clearly what your customers expect from your business is nothing less than a revelation. So, are you ready to do some magic! 

To know more about the ways, according to which, you can use Twitter polls for your business, visit here. Following the practical instances of business success stories, the use of Twitter polls in 2019 for event promotion, product advertising, and all have made them generate more revenue comparatively. That way, the year 2020 can witness even more advanced use of Twitter polls for sure. 

Include Social Media Automation

social media automation

Not surprisingly, these days, social media automation has become an essential part of business marketing. In fact, companies are using social media automation tools primarily, in their business framework. So, they can reduce the manual working of operations with intelligence. It is the same, even in the case of Twitter business marketing. Thus, the use of Twitter automation tools like Hootsuite, Socinator, Buffer, and many more not only can save a lot of time. But, also allow you to integrate all your business aspects much effectively on Twitter. 

According to a report published by Digg, millions of online activities take place on social media platforms every single second. That’s why keeping track of each of them manually is near to impossible. In case if you manage to do them manually, then what about the time. In today’s digital world, it does not only remain about doing things, but it has also become more about performing them fast. That, no doubt, social media automation follows word-by-word. The implementation of social media automation on Twitter this year can do wonders for you.

Twitter Chats Are Also Important


Your business presence on Twitter cannot be said worthy, unless, there’s no conversation surrounding your services and products. Your main motto to use Twitter for your business should be to start the conversation around your brand. And, Twitter Chats can do this very seamlessly! 

By using Twitter Chats, you can create your own hashtag and invite people to converse on any topic. You can do it by only organizing data, time, and your own hashtag. Where, you can talk to your community members, customers, and prospects in order to gather valuable information about your business. It can be a masterstroke for generating quite a stir for your brand facets. 

Know here, how can you make use of this feature for your business and take a giant leap forward in this direction of Twitter stardom. Considering all this, you can understand why the use of Twitter chats in 2020 is one of the best practices regarding making your business successful. 

Wrapping Words

Frankly, no one can know the future completely, but can potentially guess the most apparent changes. Undoubtedly, 2020 can be the year of incredible advancements not only in the field of social media but in the entire digital world. In the case of Twitter also, you can see some breakthrough changes. Thus, by implementing all the above explained Twitter marketing strategies for 2020, you can somewhat confirm your triumph. 

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