According to the survey, a crashing 97% of the first-time e-commerce visitors actually do not finalize the transaction. For online stores that means extremely low conversion rate, but there is nothing to worry about. Instead, you should try out retargeting and master it to increase your return on investment. Of course, there are many factors that affect business success, like products’ quality, prices, and marketing strategy in general, as well as user experience on the website. Nevertheless, certainly retargeting is something you need to take advantage of.

In the following text, we will try not only to explain the aforementioned term but mostly show you how you can apply the theory in your marketing strategy even today.

What is retargeting?

It is a form of online advertising that uses data about users’ previous behaviour on the Internet. This cookies-based technology enables to follow people that visited your website to display them suitable ads on the right websites. It can be a powerful tool when it comes to conversion rate optimization.

How to get information about your site’s visitors? The most popular way is to implement a special code (sometimes called pixel) on your page. Do not worry – it will not affect the look of your site. The only thing that will change is the possibility of retargeting.

Retargeting with RocketLink

Who retargeting is suitable for?

Basically, every business can benefit from running retargeting campaigns. No matter how big or small is the company, as well as what type of products it sells. Everyone who has a website may attract people to revisit it and convert. But you should retarget smartly. To find out how – keep reading!

How to run retageting campaigns with RocketLink

Nowadays, there are many techniques for using retargeting. The most powerful is the use of Google Ads and social media. It is a brilliant idea not to depend only on your site’s visitors, but also people who have other interactions with your brand.

With RocketLink you might discover a new approach for retargeting and increse your conversion. The system is design to arm you links in superpowers. Below, you can find out how to use RocketLink for maximising your retargeting effectiveness in 4 steps.

1. Choose the best content.

Firstly you need to find the most suitable piece of content. Depending on the industry of your company and the goal of your campaugn, you might choose some breaking-news article, a discounted product from your website or any other source. Game-changing feature when it comes to retargeting options via RocketLink is that you do not need to own a website you link to, and you can still add pixel to it.

Start with proper research. You probably already know who is your audience and maybe even have a marketing persona. Based on that find content which you think may be desired by your potential and current customers. To achieve the best results from your retargeting, make sure that chosen content is strictly related to your products or services.

2. Create your link.

In the next step, you have to prepare your link. Add pixel (it is crucial for retargeting) but also you can embed handy widgets (your video, CTA to your site, chatbox etc.). Moreover, you can customize it so that people can be more willing to click (you can decide on that depending on how the original link looks like). If you want, add UTM parameters to know which source generates the best traffic. You can also add your custom scripts or conversion events via Google Tag Manager to any link you shorten. An armed link is ready to rock your marketing!


3. Share links.

From this stage, it depends if your retargeting group will be big enough. Create appealing copy and attract your audience to click. Do not confuse your recipients with too many CTA – use only one with a direct purpose – clicking. No matter where you will share your boosted link, the system will gather information about every person who clicked it. Therefore, use several social media (including Facebook and LinkedIn groups) and other ways, like e-mail marketing to get to as many leads as possible. The good idea is to show potential customers a value hidden behind the link so that they know what to expect.

4. Create a custom audience.

Choose the best ad platforms for your business to proceed retargeting campaigns. Create custom audiences based on people who clicked on your links. Therefore, reach target audience actually interested in your offer. Precise retargeting enabled thanks to RocketLink reduces CPC and increases CTR. Next, whatch your campaign performance and optimize retargeting in the future to get the best results.

EXAMPLE: You shared a link to a great article published on Forbes. As it perfectly matches your target group’s interests and it fits your company’s context you gather information on who clicked a given link. To reach enough users you posted this link on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and some Quora answers. Then you create a custom audience on Facebook using information from all of the sources listed before.

RocketLink enables you to reach more people strictly interested in the content you shared.

More ideas on how to use RocketLink in your marketing activities you can find here: click!

Link retargeting is also a part of the nurturing leads process. By reaching your customers again you should present them content suitable for the given stage of the sales funnel. That way your advertising can be effective and you can do some cost-saving on ads.

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