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Call-to-Action Modal

Create your custom Call-to-Action using our best performing template. Use you CTA as an overlay on the content you share to drive traffic back to your own website.

Live chat widgets

Interact with your audience even when they leave your page

Add your chatbox scripts to links you share to keep in touch with your visitors even after they click on external links.

Opt-in forms

Collect email addresses from users visiting external websites

Add your opt-in form scripts to links you share and build your email list while sharing third-party content with your audience.

Push notifications

If building an email list isn’t enough

You can add a push notification opt-ins to links you share and earn another channel of communication with your audience.

Embed a video

What about a YouTube video box? 

You got it! RocketLink makes it easy to add an embed container with any content like a YouTube video.

Retargeting pixels

The real power of RocketLink is underneath the displayed page 

Links created with your custom domain can also be equipped in retargeting pixels.

Adding retargeting pixels to links you share lets you create extremely precisely targeted custom audiences in multiple ad platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You can also add your custom remarketing scripts via Google Tag Manager.

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