Retarget any Link
You Share

Grow your audience by adding retargeting pixels and own Call-to-Action to your branded links

Sharing links?
Do it the right way 👍

Whatever you do online you’re probably sharing some links. While you do that, you are sending users away to external content. It’s time to get them back! 

Everyone who clicks on your link can be converted into a perfectly targeted custom audience.

Higher CTR & Lower CPC

People who clicked specific links are an incomparably better target than random users because they have already shown their interest in some topic. It means they will probably click more. Getting their attention to your ads is way cheaper and more effective.


Custom Domains

Use your own subdomains with custom URL slugs for better branding and CTR.


Retargeting Pixels

Convert anyone who clicks on your link into perfectly targeted custom audience on multiple ad platforms.

Call to Action

Add custom call-to-action overlays on almost any webpage you’d like to share with your users.

Custom Thumbnail Appearance

Customize Title, Description and Image of Any Link shared on Social Media

UTM tags

Use UTM tags for external analytic tools

Custom 404 redirects

Choose the destination for mistyped links or root of the custom domain


Measure your efforts with perspicuous statistics to watch what works the best.

QR Codes

Retarget offline audiences by sharing QR codes with pixels.

More amazing features coming soon

We are constantly working to improve usability of RocketLink and provide the best set of tools for maketers and brands.

Choose a link to share

Choose the right content to share with your audience. It can be almost anything. Interesting articles, videos, blog posts, podcasts, Kickstarter campaigns and Amazon products work great too.

Arm your link and share 👍

Add your remarketing pixels, Call-to-Action popups, opt-in forms or any custom scripts that will help you track and retarget your audience in multiple ad platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. You can also add your custom scripts or conversion events via Google Tag Manager to any link you shorten.

You can use links to third-party content or platforms that don’t provide adding retargeting scripts like Medium.

Retarget anyone who clicked

Create custom audiences in multiple ad platforms based on people who clicked on your links. Reach target audience actually interested in your offer. Precise retargeting reduces CPC and increases CTR.

Retarget users from many places like forums, Facebook Groups or any other communities.

Customize the appearance of your link shared on Social Media

Have you ever shared a link on Social Media and been unhappy with the thumbnail (or there was no image at all)?
Many websites don’t have a featured image or the title and description is not too attractive. 
You can change Title, Description and Image featured in your link thumbnail using RocketLink and boost your CTR from second one!


Join over 8000 happy users

Reaching relevant audiences cheap

I used to place a link inside a Facebook Group with many thousand members. Then I found an article that I knew would be popular inside this group, and I got 2000 clicks and counting, to the article. Then I retargeted them, and I got 2 leads worth many thousand dollars. This tool is amazing in letting you reach audiences you could never reach before, or have to pay a lot to get them on your marketing list on Facebook or Google Ads.
Best tool I have had in a long time!

Jimi Hove

Agency Owner,

If I listed everything that I liked about Rocketlink I’d be here all day. When it comes to digital marketing I am somewhere between an intermediary and an expert

Retargeting pixels have always been important, but I’ll be the first to admit, it’s always been a week point of mine.

I’ve gone through several other companies and while they get the job done, they just didn’t deliver the way I thought they would.

Then I met rocketlink and my digital marketing game changed.

1. Super easy to use. By far the easiest retargeting, link sharing software i’ve ever seen

2. They go out of their way to integrate pixels for fb, tw, linkedin, google etc. You can even share links via a QR code

3. Everything is just clean and organized. Which is so important. I know where all my links, pixels and domains are. Tracking them is easy as pie.

And then the customer service is A1. They respond very quickly to any and all questions I have. They basically held my hand through any setup steps. And they’ve accommodated all my requests.

I honestly can’t recommend this enough. Konrad H.



RocketLink is my favorite ToGo URL Shortener which is packed features and dead simple to use. I love it ❤️. Udit Goenka

Founder, PitchGround

RocketLink allows me to grow my audience faster. It makes it easy to retarget anyone who clicks on any piece of content. RocketLink is simple but powerful! Omer Khan

Founder, SaaS Club

Using RocketLink shortener really helps in retargeting, even to users who have never visited your website before. Matt Pliszka

Founder, PickSaaS

I love RocketLink and what it does. I can convert my long urls to short URLs and I have the option to use my own custom domain. I can also insert CTAs of any URL just like that. I can add all pixels to retarget my visitors, all in all this is a amazing and simple software that every digital marketing guy needs. Ram R.


Retarget audiences by sharing third-party content