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10-Minute Marketing Tips You Can Start Using Now

Aleksandra Jasnos

We all know how hard it is to find time for redesigning a marketing strategy. And it doesn’t always pay off. Sometimes, your marketing efforts just need some quick actions to boost performance. We asked marketers and business owners for their insights – you’ll find some interesting tips below! 

10 minutes is exactly how much time you need to shorten a URL and add retargeting pixels to the link. While sharing your content on your brand’s social media accounts, in a newsletter, in a Facebook / LinkedIn group, or even in a forum, you can track people who clicked your links.
That way, you can reach a precise targeting group in your next social media or Google Ads campaigns. It’s a great idea to take your potential customers to the next stage of your sales funnel. 

Wojciech Jasnos, CEO and Co-Founder at RocketLink

One of the best marketing tips that I can give you is to give your website copy a check. The biggest mistake that I see business owners making is that their copy is focused on themselves and not what the customer gets. In other words, your website should talk about the benefits that the customer gets and not the services or products that you sell.
The easiest way to do this is to check your home page and landing pages for mentions of the word “we”. Don’t talk about what “we” do; talk about what the customer gets.
For example:
“We help you generate more qualified leads for your business.”
Should be >> “Generate more qualified leads for your business.”

Adam Hempenstall, CEO and Founder at Better Proposals

What you could definitely do in 10-minutes (or less), would be to send an email to your those that have already purchased something from you and ask for some feedback or a testimonial or written review. This will definitely boost your brand in terms of providing social proof.

Téa Liarokapi, Content Writer at Moosend

Tip 1: Install a chatbot on your website. It can take less than 10 minutes and change the way you do customer support forever.
Tip 2: Run on-page SEO audit to check for any issues. You can use a tool like SurferSEO, Ahrefs, or SEMrush to discover problems with your website that need to be fixed.

Kas Szatylowicz, Content Manager at Digital Olympus

First of all, take part in one of the popular Twitter chats to boost your brand’s visibility and connect with new people in the industry.
Secondly, start using powerful CTAs on your landing pages, blog, and social media platforms. Be very clear about what you want your audience to do and communicate it to them.
Thirdly, brainstorm some ideas for the referral programs for your customers. Encouraging your customers to start advertising your product or service can result in a huge boost in your brand’s visibility.

Arek Ponski, Founder of TeamBuzz

Whenever you do the creative part of marketing (like writing a nice copy or making the best possible title for an article), always ask another person to take a look and give you feedback.
First, you will get a fresh opinion of someone else and possibly improve the content a little. There is almost always something to improve!
Second of all, if there is any kind of spelling mistake, another person reading will probably catch that.
If you don’t have another person next to you to check the content quickly, you can always use tools like or Grammarly. They are free to install and will help you avoid mistakes. It’s always better to check it before than cry after, right?

Jakub Wójcik, CEO at Emerald Media

If you only have 10 minutes, I’d invest it in one of two things. The first one is to take the time to enrich your social media pages. I often come across pages that are lacking basic information or interesting details about the business. The former makes it difficult for customers to get in touch or verify your business, and the latter misses the opportunity to present your business’s brand. Spending 10 minutes to add a few details can have a big pay off in the future.
The second thing I’d recommend if you have 10 minutes is practicing your short pitch, otherwise known as the elevator pitch. Being able to quickly and efficiently pitch your business is a crucial skill that everyone needs to develop. There are many situations where you won’t have more than a minute or two to make your case, so start practicing now and be prepared!

Nikola Baldikov – Marketing Manager at Brosix

Here are 3 quick tips. Each can be done in 10 minutes or less. And they can all be done in 10m if you’re extremely fast and focused, and your internet connection is turbocharged 🙂
Tip 1: Internal linking
Published a post? Did you target keyword X? Search in Google “ keyword X” find 5 opportunities and add keyword-rich internal links.
Tip 2: Change SEO title for quick ranking boost
Ranking for a keyword Y… on the second page. Great! Change the meta title of the page to include Keyword Y. And make it human-friendly too, no SEO-ese, please!
Pro tip- Do a Google search “ keyword Y” and then fire several keyword-rich internal links, and this after you’ve changed the meta title.
Tip 3: Socially promote; the easy way
Use Hootsuite or any other scheduling tool and schedule a month’s worth of Tweets and Facebook shares.
Bottom line:
These 10 marketing tactics flow into one another.
a) You give more link juice = boost in Google
b) You refresh the page with on-page tweaks = boost in Google
c) You give a bit of a social oomph = potential boost in Google
Wonderful stuff!
Thank you for reading.

Nikola Roza, CEO of Nikola Roza – SEO for the Poor and Determined

We hope that you got inspired, and you’re now ready to improve your brand’s performance.

Good luck 🙂

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