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Content Distribution. How to Boost It?

Wojciech Jasnos

Content marketing is one of the most popular and effective marketing techniques nowadays. No wonder why 91% of B2B marketers are planning to use content marketing in their strategies. Articles, podcasts, and videos that marketers create, should be valuable for the company’s target group. Only a piece of content tailored to customers’ needs can bring benefits to the business. Nevertheless, excellent content will not reach a wide range of readers or viewers unless it is well distributed. This article will cover the effective content distribution topic.

If you need any tips on creating a content marketing strategy, check out our brief guide!

How to distribute content effectively? Let’s find out! 

Choose the best platforms for content distribution

First of all, decide which channels to use while distributing your content. Based on your marketing personas and therefore, your customers’ preferences, you can select channels that your target group uses. There are so many opportunities: email marketing, web push notifications, social media profiles, and social media groups. 

Do not forget about the niche social media networks!

For example, Quora is a Q&A platform where users ask and answer questions. It is a fantastic place to find people who look for specific solutions or tips. How to use it for content distribution? It is simple! Find questions relevant to your recent blog posts or videos, answer them with a sneak peek and invite Quora users to get familiar with the whole material. 


How to be everywhere where customers need you? Take advantage of Internet monitoring with tools such as SentiOne. Thanks to social listening, you can get notification regarding chosen keywords. Once someone mentions your brand, products, or issue that you can solve, you can immediately swoop in with a solution (for example, while linking to your blog posts with a comprehensive explanation). 

Prepare visuals for content distribution

To promote your content, you can use many different forms of visuals. What is the best way to encourage users to click on your link to read the full article? Arousing curiosity. Tell just a beginning of a story, show interesting statistics, publish a controversial statement… Once your customers get hooked, they will most likely get familiar with the full text, video or podcast. 

What kind of visuals might be helpful?

  • quotes 
  • infographics
  • short animations 
  • videos with an introduction to the topic
  • graphics with questions that are answered in your piece of content
  • GIFs and memes
  • PDF files (so you can use them as lead magnets in tools such as HelpRange)

To get through marketing clutter, you need to prepare attractive and eye-catching visuals that will let your ‘brand’s posts to stand out. You might think that creating visuals can be challenging and time-consuming. You could not be more wrong! Fortunately, a market is filled with online tools that enable intuitive designing without any graphic skills. Focus on the main message that a graphic or a video should have and use tools like Biteable, Lumen5, Reevio or Canva to rock your visuals 


One share in social media is definitely not enough to gain a significant number of viewers. Your content will most likely be actual even in a year or two. Remember to update your piece of content if you are willing to redistribute it. For example, you should update statistics that you used or check if links included in the text are still valid. 

On the other hand, do not overdo it – no one likes spam. Find a golden mean and try to reach people who might be interested in a given piece of content, but probably have not seen it yet. For example, you can send a campaign to new customers in your newsletter base with an article that other subscribers were already notified about. 

Personalize content distribution

To reach the right people with an accurate piece of content and at the best time, you can use marketing automation. While creating email or web push notification campaigns, you can send messages about the recent articles or videos regarding specific topics, to the users that were interested in those topics before. You can also ask for subscribers’ preferences and in the future, send them content they are most interested in. There is no point in sharing everything with everyone – it can result in unsubscribing. 

Custom URL shortener 

Okay, this one is a must-have! While sharing ANY LINKS on social media or email campaigns, you need to collect data on clicks. That is possible if you use tools like RocketLink. Thanks to custom URL shortener you can customize your links and add your retargeting pixels to them. In your future campaigns, you will be able to reach people who have already visited a given website. Yes! You can retarget anyone who clicked on your links, even if you shared a third-party content! An extremely positive side effect: your links will look trustworthy and aesthetic. RocketLink allows to customize URL’s thumbnail appearance. You can add any image, title and description to any link. Attractive link preview increases the clickthrough rate dramatically.

But that is just the tip of an iceberg. With LinkedIn URL Shortener like RocketLink you can add pop-ups, CTAs, chat boxes, and other widgets to the link you share. The result: you can interest visitors with an excellent piece of content, but use traffic for additional purposes – like starting a conversation with a customer or gaining newsletter subscribers. 


When it comes to content distribution, you should try out many forms and channels. Follow trends, but also think outside the box to get to know your audience. Use social media also to find out if there are some other topics that your readers/viewers would like to get familiar with. Stay helpful, create valuable content and reach your precise target audience. Good luck!

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