Crucial Role of URL Shorteners for Ecommerce Sites

Crucial Role of URL Shorteners for Ecommerce Sites


There is nothing that makes your website look spammy other than an old-fashioned long web link or URLs. Such lengthy links are no longer used. We live in a world where everyone strives for precision and the same goes for the web links. Today, using link shorteners have become a trend.  This tool allows marketers to reduce the number of characters in a web link. Link shorteners are also referred to as custom links or URL shorteners. The purpose of link shorteners is to take a long URL and slice it short.

Today the majority of the ecommerce website relies on link shorteners to optimize their website for success. They analyze their web traffic to create the most effective marketing strategies. If you are running a small business, you are both the owner and its marketer. You can direct your marketing efforts in the right direction by using URL shorteners. 

What do link shorteners do?

Link shorteners:

Link shorteners are web apps designed to minimize the number of characters in a long link. These links appear spammy and can keep the users away from clicking the link to your website. URL shorteners take the existing, lengthy link to your website and slice it down to a few characters. 

All you need to do is to copy the long web link and paste it into the main field available on the app. You will receive a much shorter link that takes users to your website upon clicking. Shorter links are ideal to be added to business emails, printed material, and more. 

Additional features:

Some URL shorteners don’t do anything other than slicing a long web link into a shorter one, nothing more, nothing less. However, the more advanced ones also offer you link-tracking services. In simpler words, these web apps enable you to monitor the traffic that comes to your website from each link. 

The best part is the apps for link shortening can be used both by big and small business owners to boost their business. Shortened links are ideal when you are trying to get your audience to sign up for your newsletter. Even if you’re promoting discount codes, customers are more likely to click short links. The most powerful link shortening apps allow you to create specific links for a specific reason. Let’s learn this idea with the help of an example. Let’s suppose you want your website visitors to visit the page It is a long URL that may confuse users. Therefore, you should shorten it to achieve more precision. This link can be sliced into two smaller links 

You can use one of these links to connect to your potential business partners. You can use the second link to keep in touch with your existing business partners. This will give you an insight into the web traffic coming to your website. You can easily tell which of the two URLs is generating more traffic and leads. 

How to brand your web links?

Allowing business owners to purchase a domain to brand their link is another amazing feature link-shorteners offer. These web apps are designed to offer users even more value. These branded links can be used to create more brand awareness. Let’s take an example of This link starts with edition.cnn. Another great example is Nike’s website. The logo of this brand is swoosh and the short link of its website starts with

Such links serve as marketing tools for businesses that use URL shorteners. They help them achieve the level of customization they aspire. The best URL shortening services offer this branding feature as a part of their regular service. 

How link shorteners help brands with conversion rate optimization?

No aspect of marketing is valuable if it doesn’t result in conversions. Your content needs to be assertive otherwise your products or services won’t sell and your CRO won’t be possible. Apart from branding, standard link shorteners also offer great insights into customer’s or potential customer’s behaviors. All you need is to click to view the required details. Some of the insights offered by link shorteners include:

  • The volume of traffic that comes to your website
  • The time of the day when most people click your website
  • The day of the week when your website is visited the most
  • The location from where your website is frequently accessed
  • The type of device and brand most commonly used to access your website

The reason why access to this data is helpful is, it allows brands to create a more effective marketing strategy that helps them achieve maximum engagement and reach. 

How does link shortening impact a website’s SEO? 

With the advent of the internet, we have access to almost every piece of information we need. Link shorteners are ideal for boosting the SEO of a website. According to research, the first page of Google search accounts for more than 95% of the web traffic. To make it to the top Google searches, a business needs to constantly update its business marketing activities. 

Google only loves your website if it is user-friendly. That’s the standard on which your website is going to be judged. Today, SEO is one of the most widely used marketing tactics for a business. 

Shortened URL links make your website more users friendly. These shortened links are not only easier to remember but also direct users to the content the existing domains contain. Therefore, it is ideal to make your website the easiest to access by your potential online customers. 

Wrapping up!

The ecommerce world is getting more competitive with every passing day. Thousands of startups emerge on the daily basis adding more to the competition. This highly competitive market has caused big to small businesses to improve their marketing tactics to adapt to the constantly changing ecommerce world. 

One of the best strategies to stand out in the ecommerce world is to shorten long URLs. These URLs appear spammy and can harm your website’s reputation. These URLs can be shortened using the web apps that slice your link to make it more memorable for the users. 

Link shortening also improves a brand’s marketing efforts. It is also an ideal way to boost your CRO and SEO results. If you want your business to stand out in the market, you need to give link shortening services a try. The results will amaze you. 

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