Google Drive link shortener: all nuts and bolts

8 Use Cases for Link Shorteners


Link shorteners are a convenient way to convey information succinctly and precisely, providing users with an expedient way to access it. They’re ideal for communicating messages within tweets or blog posts; offering links on websites; or embedding into emails and text messages.

Despite the multitude of link shortener options out there, not all of them are suited for each situation. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at some that might be most appropriate for certain uses.

1. Monitor the performance of your links

Link shorteners can be a goldmine of information when it comes to monitoring the performance of your links and content. If you’re trying to increase site traffic, figuring out which links are generating the most clicks could prove vital.

Furthermore, link shorteners provide an easy way to assess the performance of any particular article or piece of content within your website’s portfolio.

2. Connect with your internal customers

Link shorteners enable webmasters to convert email addresses and phone numbers into shorter URLs, making them accessible for users. This can provide a convenient means of connecting with customers who may not be familiar with the full URL they require.

Not only is this an excellent way to ensure that your audience can find you on the Internet, but it also enables companies to correspond with their existing contacts in an effortless manner.

3. Use trusted third parties to monitor for spam

Despite the wonders of the internet, there’s no denying that it can be a cesspool of inauthentic content. If you’re looking for an effective way to identify and eliminate spammy links from your site or app, consider using a link shortening service such as TinyURL.

TinyURL is an exceptional tool for monitoring the health of your links on the web; its algorithms are designed to detect and remove suspiciously short URLs from within seconds. This procedure prevents any undesired activity around your online assets from taking place, ensuring that users remain secure and confident with their accounts!

4. Remove links that have failed

Have you ever encountered an article, blog post or website that is riddled with dead links? These incongruent hyperlinks can become problematic when they are not effectively removed. Just imagine if you have a link for your escape room business and it gives a 404!

In the event that any of your short-link destinations go defunct, you can use services like Gisto and to automate the process of removing them from your content.

5. Access link management tools from multiple locations

When you create a link shortener, typically only one URL will be generated instead of any arbitrary ones. Moreover, if someone else utilizes your shortlink in a matter that wasn’t anticipated by its creator – such as when they share it amongst their own social media profiles – then all relevant information related to the customized link can be conveniently accessed from anywhere!

Link management tools allow users to access this data from multiple locations, enabling them to easily keep tabs on their links with ease.

6. Generate leads and track conversions from external content

If you have an enterprise website and produce a lot of content, it can be difficult to keep track of who’s reading what.

Link shorteners can help you generate leads by providing data about which articles your visitors read most often. This information can be used as a basis for targeted email campaigns or even as part of your CRM system!

When users visit your external content pages, they’ll see the shortened links instead of their original longs – which will make it easier for them to quickly get back to where they were originally located.

7. Remove duplicate or low-quality content from your site

On occasion, links can be harvested from an extremely popular article and posted on another site. This can occur when there is a demand for a piece of content to be duplicated across multiple platforms; which inevitably leads to users’ attention being diverted towards other websites.

That being said, Google’s algorithm is well-aware of duplicate content, and will penalize you accordingly if it detects that your website has published any form of content already available elsewhere online. To avoid this faitful situation and safeguard against potential consequences for redundancy, consider employing link shorteners as a measure of defense!

With these link-free services, you can ensure no links are embedded within articles or blog posts; ensuring your content remains completely unique in relation to others with the same information.

8. Improve search visibility

Link shorteners can be an asset for marketers who wish to improve search visibility for their brand. Not only does it provide a concise and easily understandable URL, but by utilizing a service like the one offered by Bitly, marketers can create custom links that are easily retrieved in an instant!

For instance, if you’d like your brand’s URLs to appear prominently within Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages) and Bing’s when users search for certain keywords; then it would be wise to employ link shortening services. For one thing – it’ll help make those URLs easier to remember and recall at a moment’s notice!


To understand the potential of link shorteners, it’s crucial to comprehend their limitations. Link shorteners do not provide SEO value; they merely save valuable links! Therefore, when creating content for SEO purposes is of utmost importance – this is a key advantage over standard links.

Discover how you can gain an advantage over your competitors with our link-building tool. This indispensable resource will help you construct an authoritative web presence and scale your business!

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