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How to Improve Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns?

Wojciech Jasnos

Are you struggling to make your Facebook ad campaigns successful and ameliorate your Return on Investment (ROI)? You are not alone. There are also so many other advertisers in the queue. After Facebook has recently changed its algorithm, the Ad game on the platform is getting faded. But don’t worry, we have come up with the solution. Check out some of the super-efficient tips that you can use to expand your organic reach on Facebook and improve your Ad campaigns.

Check your Ad Format

Ad Format

Some ad formats work better than others. So, choose the Facebook ad format wisely according to the goal of your company. However, if you look at the latest trend, carousel ad formats are grabbing more attention as it can fulfill the purpose of the businesses that are having multiple products or services.

Similarly, if you want to broadcast any discount or exclusive deals then you should go with Facebook offers ad format, and if you want a great display that looks better on full screen than Canvas ads will be more suitable.

Try Different Ad Lengths

Ad Lenght

Another significant aspect of the success of an advertisement is its length. Most people have a misconception that, shorter video ads are more likely to perform better as compared to the larger ones. But that’s not true. Different audiences react differently. Therefore, while writing ads, you should include a message that can resonate with your audience. First, try with the longer ad copy with some storytelling content and then check with something shorter. According to the response you get from your audience, move further.

However, if you see the Facebook advertisements of big brands, you will notice they are using dynamic creative ads so the majority of their content are crafted in a storytelling way as people nowadays engage more in these kinds of ads, as per our research.

Include a CTA and “pixels”

Ad pixels

If you haven’t done it yet then, do not forget to include CTA buttons on various places of your advertisements. It is of no use if your audience watches your Facebook ads and don’t know what to do after that. It is recommended to add at least one CTA in the entire ad that too at the end of the video.

If your purpose is to make people visit your website or landing page, then you can use verbs like, discover, explore now, visit here, etc. In case your aim is to drive sales then you can directly use words like sign up, buy now or try now. You can also customize CTA’S according to your needs with the help of RocketLink – amazing Facebook link shortener and the best bitly alternative. There are also so many other useful features of this tool.

Custom CTA overlays – You can add chat box script, opt-in form or any other external tool script you use not only to your own landing page but also to third-party webpages that you share with your audience.

Retargeting pixels – Through this feature, you can add retargeting pixels to your links, which helps you precisely target audience in multiple ad platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, Linkedin, Quora, etc.

Custom domains – You can also use your own custom domain for better branding and higher clickthrough rate of your links.

Spy On Your Competitors

Check competitors

Marketing is not an easy task, especially on Facebook, as there are millions of marketers, advertisers, and businesses registered on it. But you cannot grow without having any competition. Nothing can encourage or motivate you better than the great work of your competitors. Therefore, apart from focusing on making your advertisements better, you also need to be aware, what kind of ads your competitors are creating and how audiences are reacting to it. In this way, you can improve your ad campaigns and also get some unique ideas to woo your audiences.

However, spying manually on every activity of your competitors is practically not possible. Thus, you can also take help from various automation tools to get some insights into your competitors’ ads. To help you choose the best software according to your needs, we are listing out some of the powerful automation tools.

1. Poweradspy


PowerAdspy is one of the leading Ad-Intelligence tools through which you can discover the ads that your competitors are running and also able to know their advertising strategies. This tool provides a massive database of millions of advertisements from more than 15 countries. You can also search for ads according to the keywords, latest trends, and best in your niche categories. The best feature of this tool is, it also enables users to search the latest Shopify Ads that advertisers are running. If you are looking for a complete package, then, this automation tool can be ideal for you.

2. Social Ad Scout

Ad Scout

This is another social media Ad-management tool using which users can get to see thousands of ads from different countries. It also provides various search filters to make things easy for its users. Moreover, this tool also covers both mobile ads and desktop ads. So, there is no such restriction that you can only able to manage mobile advertisement through this software.

3. Ad Spy

Ad Spy

Ad Spy is also a powerful tool that is efficient to provide you the big database of ads of different social media platforms. It offers advanced search options to help you uncover the advertisements of your competitors. Also, this is web-based software, so you do not have to face any device compatibility issues with it.

Add Eye-Catchy Visuals

Nice visuals

To gain more profit you need to have more traffic, and to obtain immense traffic, you have to make your ads attractive. Therefore, try to add such visuals that can quickly grab the attention of the people. The competition is very tough as there are thousands of ads running apart from yours, and people decide to watch ads only by looking at their aesthetic presence.

Remember, the first impression is the last impression. So, do not overcrowd your ads with heavy contents. Instead, craft them cleverly by adding text with the visuals. Also make sure that whatever pictures, videos or GIFs you use on your ads, they should be of HD quality.   

Manage Exposure


Observing ads frequency is very important to enhance your campaigns as it helps you to know how many times users are viewing your ad. The more your Facebook audience watch your ads, the longer they can recall them. However, if they see your ad very often, then its effectiveness will be diminished. So, hold this aspect into consideration and manage the exposure of your advertisements accordingly.

Target the audience

Target audience

The success of your campaigns also depends upon your targeting strategies. Creating an alluring ad is not just enough, you also need to make it reach to the right audiences, or else it will get wasted. So, be clear what our objective is and then focus on your targeted audience because they are the ones that can get you sales. Facebook provides different filters for targeting like age, gender, location, etc. You can even add interests also to find your ideal audience.

Wrapping words

There is no specific way or a key to get success in Facebook advertising. You cannot guarantee that a particular method will work. It is continuous testing and optimizing the process. You need to be very well informed about the latest trends and implement them to know what is working best for you. Therefore, give a try to the above-listed strategies and scale your campaigns to the next level.

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