The power of branded URL shorteners for brand recognition

The power of branded URL shorteners for brand recognition


Have you created a great brand, but the desired audience doesn’t reach you? Or maybe your business remains invisible? You need to build your brand recognition, as it’s the key to the smooth running of the company. 

Building brand recognition means creating and maintaining a positive image of a brand in the minds of consumers. But actions aimed at increasing the glory of the offered products or identifying them by the target group with high quality are time-consuming and not easy. It takes a lot of effort and commitment to developing an effective action strategy. However, you can try out several ways to do it faster, but using branded URL shortener will be one of the best methods.

What is a branded URL shortener?

If you run any kind of business and think about using a URL shortener, you should brand your URLs. Branded URLs are a type of short URL you want to share online. Branded URL shortener is a tool that empowers companies to create branded links by using that company’s very own custom domain. When you connect your custom domain to a URL shortener, it will act as a base for all the short links you create. 

Instead of using a generic domain, you can pick your own.

Brands these days prefer to use a link that incorporates their name, associating themselves with the content they share. Thanks to connecting your creativity with a branded URL shortener, you can easily make your link memorable. It’s a great idea because your links will match your company name! You can also share it with your audience on social media channels.

With branded URL shortener, you can shorten links using custom domains and custom URL slugs. 

You can create friendly for customers clickable links by using easy to remember URLs so fast and so easy. Everyone who clicks on your link can be redirected into an excellently targeted custom audience.

Why is branded URL shortener so important?

You still wonder why you need a branded URL shortener? Why should you use your own custom domain when sharing links online? There is a good reason why most big companies now use branded short links. For example – it leads to increased link trust, brand awareness, and click-through rate!

Below you will find not three or five, but ten benefits why you should use branded URL shortener! Here they are:

  1. Your brand will be easier to find in search engines.
  2. You can increase brand awareness.
  3. You can stay ahead of the competition because they don’t use such a solution.
  4. You can increase click-through rates.
  5. You can add CTA (call-to-action) to your shared links. If you share CTA, you can get extra traffic from your shared links.
  6. You start collecting leads from your shared links.
  7. You can easily create a custom audience.
  8. You can track links. Especially if you are running Facebook or Google Ads, measuring your marketing campaign efforts using link attributes will be easier.
  9. You can increase the trust of your clients to links.
  10. Your shortened branded URL can fit in your social media bio and will look neat. Most Social networks allow you to share information and links about your business or passion, redirecting your audience to your landing pages.

Aligning the content you share with your brand will help send a strong signal that the information you point your audience to is of high quality. That, in turn, will help establish your authority.

Are you feeling convinced? We hope so. Now, you might think, how can you create branded links for your business? It seems that RocketLink can help you with it. Let’s see what they may offer you.

Branded URL shorten with RocketLink

If you want to get all the benefits mentioned above of having your branded URL shorten, you should consider RocketLink, as it’s not another usual tool for link shortening! 

RocketLink allows you to use custom domains and URL slugs. Thanks to this solution, your brand will be easier to find on the Internet. Your clients will find out that your links are trustworthy as they know which page they will be redirected to immediately. Users prefer short links using actual words. In this way, you can increase click-through rates. 

You can also add retargeting pixels to links, so everyone who clicks on the URL will be added to the custom audience. You may don’t know, but every efficient marketer will use such opportunities like track links to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns on the Internet – for example, in Google Ads or Facebook Ads. What’s more, your shorter branded URL will perfectly fit in your social media bio as it’s concise and readable.

It’s not the end! Compelling Call to Actions included in URL shortened lets you be in touch with your users even when they leave your site. Branded call-to-action is a bridge between marketing and sales. With CTA, you can get extra traffic from your shared links!

Using branded URL shorteners like RocketLink means that marketing costs will also decrease. RocketLink is quite a cheap solution for so many great functionalities.

You can shorten branded URL by yourself. It’s straightforward! You need to create an account on the RocketLink application. Next, add the domain you want to include in the URL to the tool. Another step is to copy the long link and shorten it in the application. At the finish, you can copy the shortened link and use it anywhere you want.

To sum up

Building brand awareness is crucial to its success and growth, but it has always been challenging. Also, choosing the right marketing tools for your business can be a daunting task. Branded URL shortener is something more user-friendly and inspiring. It helps you develop a connective relationship with the customers, build brand recognition, get more clicks and attention from the audience on your shared content, save you time and boost your marketing strategy. 

Start sharing content and improving user experiences! By using a suitable tool such as RocketLink, the branded URL shortening process is even more enjoyable. Use branded URL shorteners like a professional and make it easier for consumers to engage with your content!

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