How to Make the Most of Pinterest?

Wojciech Jasnos

Marketers often forget about the simplest solutions. They spend a lot of time finding the perfect tool that will help them increase sales and reach the largest possible target audience. Meanwhile, the solution to their problem may be one of the most popular social networking sites – Pinterest. You may be shocked that one of the most aesthetic sites may also be a good place to shop. Well, remember that people are mostly visual creatures.

What is Pinterest?

In a simple way, it is a website that allows you to search and save interesting and creative solutions presented by using graphics or photos. They are stored, both with links, on your online boards which you can customize. 

So there is no secret that the site’s name is a combination of two words – pin and interest. You can pin what you are interested in, though.

Pinterest social media

Pinterest in numbers

Here are some interesting statistics that can give you food for thought. There are 291 million active users on Pinterest. 79.5% are women.

Sixty-seven per cent of users say they use their smartphone app when shopping at stores (e.g. at the mall). What is more interesting, 55% of users log onto the site just to find products. It helps brands that are active on Pinterest make nearly four times more effective figure at generating sales than online campaigns. 

50% of users say they buy something after seeing a promoted Pin. Seventy- eight per cent find content from brands useful.

85 % of female users use Pinterest to plan “life moments”. What are “life moments”? Holidays, a wedding, buying a new home. It makes Pinterest a perfect place for wedding planners, travel agencies, decoration companies or architects’ studios. 

Pinterest in numbers

Pinterest: best features

As a marketer or entrepreneur, you need to know that Pinterest gives you more opportunities than finding a new dinner recipe or pro tips on “how to make a super cute bookmark”. Creating and configuring a business account is as easy as a private one but offers more opportunities for business to promote and grow. You can change your private account into business or create w new one. Both ways are simple and intuitive. Pinterest allows you to choose five categories that suit the industry in which you operate the best. 

Thanks to Pinterest, you have access to statistics and tools which may be handy when it comes to optimizing your business performance. Pinterest’s statistics give you an insight into the demographics and interests of the audience you reach, impressions, clicks and pins of your profile and your website’s activity. One of the most useful features is pin linking. Thanks to this, you can generate more traffic to your website. When your customer sees on your wall an interesting item, all he needs to do is just click. By clicking on the picture, he will be redirected to your website and more precisely to the product page that interested him. And now it’s shopping time. This is an excellent time to mention Shop the Look. This feature allows users to buy all the things they see on the pictures. Of course, everything that comes from your store.

Who can benefit from Pinterest?

Who is Pinterest for? For everyone! Who can benefit most from its business options? All e-commerce and marketers from beauty and make-up industry. Wedding and party planners also find their audience here. Pinterest is also a perfect place for companies which offers decoration services and products. 

Pinterest use cases

Good practices for Pinterest 

Here, are some tips which may help you create better content on your Pinterest business profile:To keep up with what’s new in your industry, especially those on Pinterest, follow the users associated with your industry. Find new ones, do research, don’t choose random profiles. Check not only their content but also the quality it. Every business day, spend at least 10 minutes searching for such content, you won’t regret it.

Use Rich Pins. Rich Pins give you the opportunity to create a rich description of your every pin. This will provide the user with additional information and interaction options. There are 5 types of it: Place, Product, Article, Recipe, Film.

Place pins include maps, addresses, and phone numbers. Product pins contain information about the price, product availability (online store) and information about the place where you can buy it. Article pins contain some information about the author, short description and headline. Recipe pins show ingredients, cooking time and instructions of preparation. Film pins contain info about the film description, year of premiere, rate and cast. 

Create your own pics and graphics. Maybe one of your masterpieces will appear in a popular blog? Remember to create content in the right size (on Pinterest, it is 735 x 1102 pixels).

Use open board feature. After creating a board in the “Who can add pins?” you can put names of users or e-mail address and create content together. 

Comment actively. It is important not to aggressively promote your profile everywhere but comment on something related to the pics you comment. Do it with passion and caution; maybe you will be noticed 😉

While promoting content use retargeting. Thanks to custom URL shorteners, you can add targeting pixels to the links you share and therefore, reach your audience via other channels. That is how you can target ads to people who have already clicked your links, for example, on Facebook and are potentially interested in your offer. 

Try out RocketLink to maximize your performance on Pinterest! Good luck 🙂

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