How to use Twitter for business?

How to Use Twitter for Business?

Wojciech Jasnos

Every social media platform has its own specifics. On Facebook you can find more or less everyone who share their personal life, Snapchat is for the younger generation, Instagram is filled with beautiful pictures and LinkedIn is strictly for professional networking. They can differ in the posts’ form and style and for the most – the users.

What characterizes Twitter? Its immediate and brief specifics make it outstanding from other social networks. Tweets can only have 280 characters (which is still two times more than the initial 140 characters), and they appear very often. Some brands post even several times a day, plus retweeting. Moreover, Twitter is not such popular as Facebook, but you indeed can find your niche there. Using Twitter is very common for journalists, tech experts, politics and business in nearly all industries. The Twitter advantage could be in the viral opportunities and the fact that it is less personal and more public for its users than other platforms so that they can be more willing to interact with a brand.

In the following text, you will get some tips and inspirations for the usage of Twitter short URL. Read on!

Identify your audience

While creating your strategy, you need to find out who is your target group. First of all, prepare a few marketing personas to create an ideal consumer profile to have a more practical idea of what and how to communicate. What is supposed to include? Demographics, challenges, problems, aspirations, goal, values and preferences of the exemplary client. Check out this guide for creating marketing personas: click!

Once you know who you want to reach on Twitter, also identify the most influential Twitter users. In your tweets, you can tag them, as well as retweet their posts to get their attention. In this context, your goal is to attract influencers’ attention. Moreover, you can reach to them with some cooperation offer.

Custom Audience

Rock your visuals

You only have a second to attract your target group. While scrolling Tweeter’s feed users only pay attention to the most interesting content. A great way to get some attention is to use visual materials. Use the images to illustrate the point of posts. An excellent idea for a business is to create infographics based on your articles. When it comes to videos, you can create animations with highlights or quotes you want to promote.

Make sure your visuals are compatible with your company’s brand book. Therefore, your content thanks to the right fonts, colors, and your logo will associate with your brand. Pay attention to the visual requirements. Photos shared in tweets should be up to 5MB, and it is recommended that they have 1024×512 pixels. When it comes to videos, they should have up to 512 MB and maximum 2 min 20 seconds long.

If you organise or attend any events, it is worth to consider live videos!

Use hashtags

Hashtags are an essential part of Twitter. Research for the most popular hashtags for your brand, but also take over a niche! It is worth to create unique hashtags for your brand, products or type of posts. As hashtags suppose to help to find desired content, it will be easier for people interested in such topics to discover your company’s profile.

Go viral!

Retweets and likes to get you more impressions so that you can reach more people for free. That is why creating great content is so important. How to prepare something extraordinary? You can take your time and create content premium which could be highly desired among your target group’s representatives — research for topics and forms of posts that are desired by your potential clients. Once you have a remarkable piece of content – you can make it gated, i.e. via PayByShare! A user will get access to the content in exchange for a retweet. It is a win-win situation both for your company and the given user.

Another approach in this context is to do real-time marketing. By using the actual events and trending topics, you can reach more people and go viral. Remember to use hashtags related to the original event.

Twitter hashtags

Promote tweets

As on every social media platforms – one of the crucial aspects is advertising. You can get a lot of followers even without any budget spent on promoting posts, but for sure you can reach more precisely your audience if you boost some of them. On Twitter, you can target your ads taking into consideration localization, demographics, interest and select followers of a notable account (so that an ad will reach similar people).

You should also add pixel code to the links you share so that you can retarget your ads to the users who clicked your links. It is a great way of generating leads and reaching people interested in the content you share. How to do it? Via RocketLink! Additionally, thanks to this excellent tool you can embed extra elements on the websites’ you share a link to. Such items can be pop-ups, videos, chatboxes, and other widgets. Go for it to make the most of your marketing on Twitter!


While running a commercial account on Twitter, you can truly think outside the box to make the most of it. Twitter users are open for the new solutions and happy to share the valuable or entertaining content so take advantage of it! Remember to optimize your marketing on Twitter to continually improve your effectiveness and stay up-to-date with the most exciting trends so that you can growth hack your business. Do not hesitate to reach to us to get more advice on the retargeting ads possibilities!

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