Message Like a Pro: Writing a Successful Copy

Wojciech Jasnos

A key ingredient to the success of a marketing campaign is the quality of your messaging. If the message is poor, be that in appearance or content for example (and we’ll elaborate much more on that, don’t worry!), then you are going to struggle with getting anyone to properly read the communication – let alone to familiarise themselves with your business and offer, or complete the desired action. 

Any type of communication or media that has the desired effect of influencing customers comes under the definition of a marketing message. They may be used to help increase brand awareness, build up demand or simply to sell products and services. With RocketLink you can embed pop-ups and CTAs to links that you share. Therefore, you can add an extra message to your content.

This article will tell you what the perfect message should consist of, so you’ll know how to write the best communication to your customers as possible.

Elements of a good message

The following list details some tips about the content and appearance of marketing messages to help you make them as effective as possible. Your communication should be:

  • Relevant. Make sure the message is accurate and engaging for your current and would-be clients. Nothing is more off-putting for customers than being incorrectly targeted by a brand that offers something they have no interest in.
  • Attractive. Content is king, but your message also has to look good or you risk putting people off before they’ve even read that killer message that you’ve carefully composed. Use headings and subtitles t0 make text easy to read and understand, import graphics for some added beauty and play around with different shaped, sized or colored media (where applicable).
  • Empowering. A good message should encourage customers to complete your desired action. For example, If you are selling something, tell customers what they can buy and give them the desire to follow through with their decision.
  • Informative. It may not be the easiest thing to fit everything that you’d like to say about your business or offer in one short message, so make sure that it is concise and to-the-point. Take the time to consider exactly what it is you want your existing and potential customers to hear loud and clear.
  • Unique. Make sure to highlight what it is that makes your business or offer different from anything else out there. Free shipping might not be enough to cut it these days as customers demand more and more (though it’s always nice!), so showcase a range of products and services that make you stand out from the competition.
  • Clear. Calls to action such as “buy now”, “get in touch”, “sign up” or “ask for a quote” make it obvious to your clients what their next steps should be and encourage them to proceed.
  • Exclusive. Time-limited promotions and special products or offers encourage customers to be decisive and complete a purchase without waiting any longer.
Message quality

Good practices for writing a good message

When preparing your communication, it’s always a wise idea to:

  • Test out a few messages first. Perform A/B tests to compare how two different versions of your content appear and which one performs better, then optimize accordingly. Also be sure that your message appears correctly on different devices, operating systems, and browsers, for example.
  • Evaluate your offer. What’s in it for your audience? What is it that you have to offer them? Make a list of products and services that you want to promote and what makes it a valuable offer relative to your competitors. If you can’t answer the last part then it’s high time to improve things on the business side before sending out a weak message.
  • Set up clear business goals. What do you want to accomplish? Identify your main goals and what it is that you hope to achieve with your messages in terms of driving your business forward.
  • Get to know your customers and their needs. Who are your (potential) clients? Write down descriptions of typical customers in your target audience, dividing them up into distinct groups if you identify different buyer types who have unique needs and aspirations. Also, experiment with a few different messages to find out which approach to copywriting sells performs best at convincing users in the different categories to complete the desired action.


People think that writing a great message is a piece of cake but in reality, it is hard to stand out from the crowd with amazing messages when we are surrounded by the information chaos, so take our tips into consideration and apply to your messages!

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