The Easiest Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

The Easiest Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Christoforos Zafeiris

For every marketer that respects the niche of digital marketing, it’s logical that email marketing has a central role. Email marketing has the greatest ROI compared to all other marketing techniques. The main reason that explains this is that no one gives his email address so easily. If you have the email address of someone in your subscriber’s list, then you must have something in common.

To be more exact, email marketing is a form of communication between someone that has a specific product/service and people that are likely to engage in some kind of interaction or/and existing customers. As such, email marketing can help you be in touch with different groups of people that are interested in your company.

However, if the company you own or work for has problems with its email marketing, then there are simple things you can do to improve it. If you do not have an agreement with an email marketing service, then this is the time to start running your business properly. Your service should provide you some basic features and then some. So let’s see which things you should do with the features provided.

Create A Subscriber’s List

This is the basis of your email marketing strategy. If you do not own a long list of subscribers, then your strategy will have no fruitful results. As such, there is one thing you should remember: get their emails.

What does that mean though? It means that you should, online or offline, be able and willing to implement techniques to acquire email addresses. For example, if you have a new customer, you should get their email address, or if someone visits your website, then you should get their email.

Segment Your Audience

After you have started collecting the email addresses of your customers/audience, you should start segmenting them. Meaning that you should create different groups of audiences based on characteristics you feel that are useful for your business.

The main segmentation that any business starts with is demographic segmentation. It refers to dividing your audience based on their demographic characteristics, such as age, gender, family status. These are basic information that you can easily ask for when they subscribe.

Also, based on your company and your products, when they subscribe you can ask for any other detail, without asking too much. For example, if you own a customer satisfaction company, you can ask for the size of the business that subscribes to your email list, or if they are a B2C or B2B.

Increase Engagement And Personalization

The best way to increase your email marketing engagement and see your metrics go up is by personalizing your email campaigns. This personalization has two sides: firstly, show them your identity, your emotions by storytelling; secondly, write copy in a friendly, casual way.

Storytelling is a form of art really. It is the right use of words in a way of creating emotional images to your audience. These images will create bonds between your company’s content and your audience. And your email campaigns cannot lack storytelling and emotional connection.

Also, it is very important to make your emails look and feel personal. A high level of personalization might take some extra time in creating the right settings, designing your email templates, but it worths your energy. A personalized email subject line is more likely to intrigue your subscriber and open your email.

Then, once your audience has opened your email, you should include their first name (if possible) in the main body. Based on your audience segmentation and personalization features, the content of your email will be delivered to the right person.

Leverage Automation Systems

Automation is the best thing you can take advantage of when using an email marketing service provider. Using automation emails means that every time someone takes an action, you can be there without being present.

Sending emails automatically is the king. Based on the tracked actions and events you have set, you can send out emails. For example, you can divide your audience into “openers” and “non-openers” and treat every case differently in an email campaign. Also, you can send an automated email when someone abandons products in your cart.

So, as you can easily understand, automating your email strategy can help you “bring back” your audience and push them in the right direction of your sales funnel. This will increase your sales KPIs and strengthen your company.

Create Perfect Landing Pages

The landing page is where you direct your audience after opening your email. Your email should have a clear Call-To-Action (CTA), without mentioning any payment or cost for the audience. Your CTA should be simple, central, and stick out from the rest email content.

When your subscriber sees your landing page, it should align with the CTA. You cannot send an email about a specific offer and then direct your subscribers to your generic website page. So, be clear on what is the specific goal of each email sent and direct them one step closer to your final conversion.

A/B Testing

It’s one of the main principles of email marketing strategy. Always use A/B testing. Why? Because A/B testing provided you a better perspective on which case is more successful and can lead to greater conversion rates.

But you should be careful with your A/B testing methods. When starting A/B testing, you cannot and you shouldn’t change too many variables. For every testing you run, you should change one and only one variable. This will allow you to see what works better for this variable.

And since we mentioned testing, it is crucial for you to run an email deliverability test. This will ensure that your email campaigns will reach your audience and won’t end up in their spam folder.

Final Thoughts

So, an email marketing strategy can bring all the results you wish for. But only if it is done right. This means that you should create a long subscriber’s list, divide your audience into different segments, and treat them accordingly.

Create and design your email campaigns to raise engagement and awareness of your brand and product, while personalizing the content to make it personal. This will make your audience feel valued, appreciated.

Then, utilize properly the automation options of your email marketing service to reach your audience in every step of their journey with your company. Direct them to the right landing page (either already existing or a new one just for the specific email campaign) and test your email campaigns before going all in.

If you follow these ways, then you can have a successful email marketing strategy with great results!

Let me know what you think, what you have implemented already, and what have you done differently.


The Easiest Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Christoforos Zafeiris works as the SEO Copywriter for the email marketing software company Moosend. He has always been eager to change the narrative and influence trends with his words; thus, copywriting is the only natural choice for him. Besides that, he has been an enthusiast of human communication, long walks, and emotional storytelling.

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