Why Elementor is Still a Marketing Magic Wand in 2022

Why Elementor is Still a Marketing Magic Wand in 2022


Since releasing version 3.0 in 2020, Elementor established itself as an excellent platform for transforming WordPress websites into full-featured marketing engines. As a WordPress website builder with a broad range of capabilities, it’s earned a central place in the digital marketer’s toolset.

But what does Elementor have to offer web creators and marketers in 2022? 

Quite a lot, actually. That’s why we still use it today.

Elementor is one of the most valuable tools a marketer can deploy in today’s digital-first environment. It’s become more than a simple no-code website builder – though it still excels at that. 

Now it also plays a role driving marketing value as an all-in-one platform for building feature-rich web pages. It gives web creators the ability to design and manage sophisticated marketing campaigns without having to hire a team of developers for the purpose. Explore some of the things you can do with Elementor below.

Why Elementor is Still a Marketing Magic Wand in 2022

You can build an entire WordPress website with Elementor – hosting included

Elementor runs on WordPress, equipping the open-source platform’s users to build and publish professional web pages quickly. In the past, using Elementor meant separately purchasing web hosting services, configuring your server to run WordPress, and installing the plugin from there.

This process required making a lot of tough decisions. Before building your first web page, you had to pick a hosting provider, select between shared and dedicated hosting, and more.

Now, you can obtain managed web hosting services directly from Elementor. Built-in hosting means you don’t have to worry about choosing a scalable hosting plan for your website or configuring it to run optimally. 

Instead, your managed hosting plan includes everything you need to immediately begin building out your website. WordPress comes preinstalled, and all of Elementor’s pro features are available from the start.

This is the fastest and easiest way to start building and publishing web pages today. The service is powered by Google Cloud Platform, providing excellent stability and resilience for peak traffic. It also benefits from Cloudflare’s content delivery network (CDN), reducing load times and protecting your website from cybersecurity risks through continuous cloud monitoring.

Elementor’s cloud hosting for WordPress provides users with 20 GB of storage and 50 GB of bandwidth, suitable for 25000 monthly visits. As your website grows, your hosting plan will grow to meet its needs, ensuring scalable performance with every step.

Why Elementor is Still a Marketing Magic Wand in 2022

Full Site Kits let you create fully functional websites in minutes

Most web professionals are used to the idea that creating a new website means building and developing individual pages from scratch. Web page templates can help reduce some of the time it takes to do that, but they don’t generally include integrated apps or backend functionality. This is a pain point for most web creators, since that’s often what takes the most time anyways.

Elementor’s Full Site Kits address this pain point by enabling creators to use, edit, store, and transmit entire websites. Full Site Kits are self-contained packages that contain professionally designed web pages with fully integrated backend functionality built-in. They’re similar to templates, but take the concept to another level.

With Full Site Kits, you can build and publish a fully functional website in minutes – literally. Choose from a wide selection of professionally designed websites, switch out the placeholder imagery and text with your own, and hit Publish. That’s all it takes.

Enterprising digital marketers will quickly see the potential value here. With the ability to spin out fully functional websites in minutes, you can split-test nearly any feature imaginable and experiment with new branding ideas on the fly. With the right analytics and a few good ideas, you can perform months of technical marketing work in mere days.

Why Elementor is Still a Marketing Magic Wand in 2022

Popup and form builders enable sophisticated lead generation 

Successful marketing websites always engage their audience at the right time, turning visitors into a steady stream of leads. Performing that transformation can seem like a magic trick, and Elementor’s on-page marketing tools are the magic wand that makes it happen.

A static web page with great content will turn a few visitors into leads, but to truly optimize lead generation, you need more. Elementor’s popup and form builder features allow web creators to precisely target incoming website visitors and enhance the user experience while gaining valuable information from them.

Most people think of popups as unwanted advertisements that disrupt the user experience – and many of them are. But when used properly, popups can draw attention to important content and perform vital marketing tasks. Use popups selectively for things like upselling high-margin products or nudging frequent visitors to sign up for your newsletter and watch your conversion rates rise.

Similarly, building an excellent form is the backbone of lead qualification. The more you know about your leads, the better you can optimize your marketing strategy to serve their needs. But you also need to balance your requests – asking too much at once is sure to result in disappointment. Elementor’s form builder lets you optimize that experience according to your users’ expectations, boosting conversion rates as a result.

Why Elementor is Still a Marketing Magic Wand in 2022

Powerful third-party integrations allow for scalable growth

The web-based software environment is bigger and broader than it’s ever been before. Web creators have access to tools, technologies, and services that were never available until now.

Integrating these tools with your website allows it to transform into a lean, highly automated marketing platform. There are solutions for almost any process or pain point you can imagine. There are only two limits: your web hosting infrastructure and content platform compatibility.

With Elementor managed hosting, you can be certain your website is equipped to handle the stress of running a sophisticated tech stack. With WordPress development as your content management system, you have access to an enormous library of valuable plugins, themes, and extensions that can maximize your website’s marketing performance.

But there’s more. Elementor itself is natively compatible with a variety of useful plugins and applications. These include some of the most in-demand marketing solutions available today, from customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to sales enablement platforms, email marketing automation solutions and more. 

Native compatibility is critical to Elementor’s no-code approach because it means you can make multiple solutions work together without building an API. Without native integration, adding any new solution to your tech stack would mean hiring a developer to write custom code. That can add thousands of dollars to the implementation cost of every new technology you want to use.

Why Elementor is Still a Marketing Magic Wand in 2022

Make your website a high-converting marketing tool

Today’s best digital marketing strategies make full use of web-based technologies and services to generate traffic, qualify leads, and boost conversions. Your website has a central role to play in this equation, powering all of those solutions and giving you a single dashboard to control them with.

When deployed using Elementor’s robust web page builder, these tools combine to enable remarkable marketing advances. Taken altogether, your website becomes much more than the sum of all its parts. It turns into a lean and flexible marketing machine that you can manage effectively without writing a single line of code.

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