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Why use a link shortener? Use cases


Attracting visitors to your website can be a daunting task. Aside from creating an enticing experience, how do you entice potential customers into taking action?

One effective way to increase the probability of visitors taking an action is by providing them with links that they can utilize when researching products or services. By linking them to the ideal page on your site, you’ll significantly enhance their likelihood of making an informed purchasing decision; moreover, it will provide added value to their visit!

However, creating such a link may not be as straightforward as it may initially seem. This can be especially true if you are attempting to imbue added value into the content and make it more appealing for readers – which should always remain at the forefront of one’s mind when composing an article for online consumption.

In this piece, we’ll investigate some of the most common uses for link shorteners and elucidate why they’re so useful.

1. To track links

Link shorteners make it simple to track the number of links your content has amassed, allowing you to keep tabs on all those valuable citations.

Want to be an effective linktracker over time? Then simply count how many links are pointed to your site by checking out the numbers!

Pro Tip: To guarantee accuracy in your link tracking, we recommend using Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) or another tool that can provide insight into authoritative domains and other information pertaining to domain metrics such as PageRank.

2. To track conversions

Track your website’s conversions with a link shortener. If someone clicks on ‘Sign Up’ on your website, but instead takes them to a third-party service that offers an email address as their output – then it can prove challenging keeping track of all such transactions.

With a link shortening service, you can easily keep tabs on how users interact with your site and enable you to recognize any potential future opportunities connected with the conversion process.

3. To track data

While tracking data is quite straightforward, you will still need to log into the platform of your choice. For instance, if it’s Google Analytics that you utilize; then that should suffice. If not, don’t fret – there are several alternatives within the industry that can assist in monitoring website traffic metrics and analyzing logs for other data.

No matter which data analytics tool you choose, you’re able to keep tabs on short links and monitor their performance for any gain in traffic, link clicks or conversions. This will help you identify whether your efforts were worthwhile!

4. To stay within the shortest link possible

For those seeking to achieve greater visibility for their content, a link shortener can be an invaluable asset. Shortening links is an effective strategy that enables visitors to remain on your website and explore more of what you have to offer while still delivering the essential message: access!

Shortening links has become common practice amongst Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. When individuals post content, they may choose to shorten any URLs in an effort to ensure that their pages are still accessible by Googlebot – this can be advantageous when wanting such platforms to pick up your material.

5. To manage content

Link shortening is an ideal tool for managing content on the web. In spite of its apparent simplicity, creating a business-oriented website with multiple articles can be an arduous process. Furthermore, managing hundreds – even thousands – of images can be quite a feat (using an image editor API can help)!

With link shortening, you are able to pack a punch by creating one manageable piece of content – whether it be a blog post or otherwise – and distributing it across multiple media outlets. This expedites the task of creating more substantive materials for your readership while also minimizing content overload.

With link shorteners such as Bitly and Gfycat, curating blog posts has never been simpler. Simply drop in your title or description and select if you wish to include links or not; then simply shorten them appropriately (in accordance with the platform’s specifications).

6. To remove click tracking from your link portfolio

If you’re concerned about click-through tracking, you could use a link shortener to mask your link portfolio from such software.

With a link shortening app like Bitly, for instance, users can easily create links that appear as long strings of letters or numbers. These shortened URLs cannot be tracked by any monitoring tool – which can make it an ideal approach when businesses prefer to hide their activity from the prying eyes of search engines!

When creating your links with a bitly app, simply insert the domain into the designated field and click ‘Generate’ to see your new links.

7. To maximize search visibility

Link shorteners can be useful for boosting CTR and maximizing search visibility. Users can employ them when they desire an expedient means of quickly sharing links on social media, or posting them without including lengthy URLs.

For instance, if you’re planning a Twitter-based campaign and need to share relevant content frequently, but have limited space available for each tweet – then you could utilize a link shortener and incorporate it into the message. This will allow you to keep your messages concise yet still convey the same message with minimal alterations!


Shortening a URL is an ideal way to reduce its bulk and improve the appearance of your website’s SEO score.

If you’re searching for a link shortener, we offer several noteworthy options. Our platform is user-friendly, highly effective and secure! What more could you ask for?

To expedite your link building efforts, we provide powerful tools that allow you to create links in mere seconds. We also provide a link analyzer to assist you in assessing the quality of each one – allowing you to develop an effective strategy for link acquisition.

As you embark on this journey of linking, don’t forget that there are multiple considerations to take into account. We hope our blog post has provided some helpful tips!

Be sure to check out our blog builder or explore our resources for ideas on what else you can do with it!

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