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5 No-Fuss Ways to Figuring out Where and How to Reach Your Audience

Wojciech Jasnos

Reaching your audience is not a walk in the park: to do it effectively and with results you desire, you need to go an extra mile not once and not twice. If you know not only where to reach your audience, but also how to do it, you’re good to go. But before you start planning on how to increase visibility within your audience, let us ask you one question…

Who is your target group?

You should come up with an answer in a few seconds. If you don’t, it is not too late now for identifying who your target group is. Who are the people you want to reach and why do you want to do so?

There can be a slight difference between who you already target and who you want to target. To find out who is in your current group, you can use social media statistics (for example, Facebook or Instagram insights) and they can give you a lot of essential information about the audience. Also, you should not be scared of using Google Analytics to look into demographics or devices they use.

Based on the details you got, you can create your perfect persona. What is the persona? It is a virtual creature you make to reflect your ideal client’s preferences, needs, requirements and characteristics. Finding them is often not the easiest nut to crack, however, it is worth the effort. If you have never created a persona before, you can use one of the the templates available online. We recommend Hubspot Persona Generator, it is for free and can assist you in a process of making your very first persona.

When you detect where your audience is active and what kind of content or offers interests them the most, start taking some actions.

Target Group

How to reach your audience?

Make campaigns

Some say that you need a small fortune to be successful when it comes to paid campaigns on social media: however, they are likely to be the ones who have not revealed the power of smart targetting or remarketing. With RocketLink, you can retarget audience that wasn’t even on your website or got familiarized with content that you link to but don’t own.

Sometimes even a few bucks can deliver you some promising results, but obviously to find out what works best for you, you need to test it all out and all over again. One of the smartest moves you can make is to use remarketing and retargeting, and RocketLink can help you with this.

Use content marketing

There is a reason why they say that content marketing is king. Indeed, with a great content strategy or at least a set of tactics, you can reach and get your target group’s attention. Use content planning tools and plan out some guides, case studies, tutorials and posts that solve a problem or show a solution your audience may need. Then, make some smart moves here, too: gate some content (for example using PayByShare and make people tweet about it in exchange for access to it), put a few CTAs inside and encourage your audience to make some further interaction and conversion.

Look at your competitors

You can see a few actions and insights your competition is into – and you should make the most of this knowledge. Look for example at how they promote themselves on Facebook: it is enough to look at Info & Ads tabs and see what content they serve to their audience. Never underestimate the power of this research, and never ignore your competitors’ steps. They may as well tell you what actions fell on deaf ears and therefore are not efficient. Do they use Canva for their activities? Be smarter and use Design Wizard or

Influencer marketing

Influencers: both bloggers and micro-influencers (for example social media influencers or Instagram influencers) can help you reach your audience. If they gathered a community that, more or less, consists of your potential followers, get into collaboration with those bloggers (of course, after checking their stats carefully!). Remember to operate on links prepared via RocketLink – later on, you’ll be able to target your ads on the influencer’s audience without further collaboration with him.

Influencer Marketing

Build subscribers base

While sharing any links, for example on social media, add a newsletter sign-up pop-up with an engaging CTA. That way you can encourage readers to become subscribers of your newsletter and therefore you can reach people highly interested in your field. You can embed such pop-up to links via RocketLink. Remember, that the content you share has to be relevant for your audience so that you’ll only gather subscribers who are truly your potential customers. Otherwise, you won’t make the most of this action.

We hope that ideas listed above will inspire you and enable to reach more accurate audience. Nevertheless, give yourself some time so you can see great results in a long-run. Thanks to RocketLink you can save a lot of time on that process. Meanwhile test many options and tools to choose the best ones for your target group. Integrate few solutions and boost your marketing today!

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