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CTR Optimization

Click-Through Rate: Explained

Wojciech Jasnos

Every marketer most likely is familiar with CTR. No wonder, increasing this measure is one of the most important tasks for marketing and business. The huge amount of commercial messages that Internet users get is overwhelming and it causes the lack of sufficient ads. Simply put, people, are not able to click in every banner they see. Why should they? Not every ad is interesting enough. On the other hand, marketers want to reach as many users as possible, when in fact, they should focus on reaching the most interested audience.

What is CTR?

Click Through Rate (CTR) is a ratio of users who clicked in a specific link to all users who received an ad, e-mail or other commercial messages. It is expressed in percentage and it is one of the most important data that can prove your marketing strategy effectiveness.

Ad Clicks ÷ Ad Impressions = Click-Through Rate

In practice, CTR can inform you how resultful is your campaign. That can leave you with a lot of conclusions about your creatives but also target group.

What is a good CTR?

In this context, one of the most significant questions is what is a good CTA? There is no right answer to this question because it depends on the various factors such as the channel of communication (whether, for example, the ad is sent on social media, Google Ads, via e-mail or web push notifications). To compare different campaigns you need to create similar conditions every time so that there will be an analogy.

In the end, what counts is a conversion from the marketing campaigns. With a misleading text or picture, you can get higher CTA but lower conversion rate because your recipients expected a different offer than it seemed based on an ad.

CTR increase

How to improve CTR?

There are so many ideas and techniques!

But before you start…

…you need to prepare your website perfectly so that people who click your ads can convert. What to take into consideration?

  • Usability – make sure that your page is intuitive and its navigation is clear. Otherwise, you can discourage potential clients from browsing. User experience has to be top-notch for your site’s viewers to convert.  
  • Responsive web design – remember that users can click your ads also on mobile devices, and your site should be prepared for that. Check if everything displays correctly on smartphones and tablets.
  • Up-to-date information – take a closer look at the website’s content: update products’ descriptions, add actual photos, check if the pricing is correct, as well as contact information.
  • Clear instructions – do not ask for too many actions. Add only one call to action button on the subpage so that your audience will not be confused.
  • Search Engine Optimization – it is a must-have! You need to use specific keywords and get some valuable backlinks so that people can find your site in the browser.

If your website is all set and ready you can start to conquer a business world!

Tips and tricks for boosting CTR

Know your audience

It is the first step for improving the Click Through Rate. The goal of advertising is to achieve business goals not to display ads as many people as possible – you need to reach your potential clients. Social media and Google Ads ecosystem offers a lot of options when it comes to ad targeting, such as localization, devices, demographics, interests and remarketing.

With RocketLink you can add pixel code to the links you share to create a custom audience and reach people who have already clicked your links. What is incredible about it? Your ads will be displayed to the users who have already shown their interest in some topic. Therefore, probably they can click again. That way getting their attention to your ads is way cheaper and more effective.

The trick is that with RocketLink you can add a pixel code to every link you want – not necessarily in your domain. If you do not have enough valuable content, you can just share some other respected publishers’ links and benefit from promoting them while running campaigns.

RocketLink improve CTR


Test a few different versions of text and pictures used in your ads and find out which performs better. That way you will get to know which style, colors and other factors work better for your target group.

Pay attention to:

  • an appealing title (use numbers, “how to …” construction, answers to questions, highlight your offer’s uniqueness);
  • a clear call to action;
  • a meta description (is it a short description used in search results as well as on social media – if you will not customize it, a system will automatically use the first sentence which does not has to be profitable for you);
  • an adequate picture.

We hope that after reading this article you will get some ideas on how to improve your campaigns’ CTR. Nothing will boost it as effectively as constant analysis and optimization as well as an understanding of your target group. With RocketLink you are not only able to create your custom audience but also generate traffic to your website from any link you share. You can also customize any link’s thumbnail appearance. Find out more about what you can achieve with this powerful tool: click!

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