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Take Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level

Wojciech Jasnos

A survey showed that over half of social media users interact with brands more than once a month.

Smart Insights revealed that 3,196 billion people were active on social media in 2018. It became a popular channel for communication because on the most significant social networks marketers can find their audience. The competition among brands is stiff, though, so you should think outside the box while planning your social media marketing activities. Below you can find a few ideas that can boost your efforts.

Engage your audience with video content.

It’s not a surprise, and you’ve probably noticed a significant increase in the number of video content on social media in the last few years. Nonetheless, when it comes to brands, they usually use images, because creating professional video seems expensive. It would be true if dedicated tools haven’t existed.

Lumen5 driven by Artificial Intelligence allows for creating videos based on articles. All you need to do is to put URL of your blog post and wait a few moments for effect. The program will generate video with automatically chosen highlights from your text and shots that are available in Lumen5’s library that suit given topic. Moreover, you can customise the video in an intuitive system.

Biteable, Play Play and Recast Studio let creating videos without any professional skills. You can choose templated and shots you like the most and personalize them with your logo and colors. Edit text, ad your visuals and design interactive content in minutes!

video content

While publishing videos on social media make sure to adjust them for every platform and post them natively, not only linking to YouTube channel, that way videos will have higher organic reach.

Take advantage of social proof phenomena.

Social media specifics and power lies in the community. It’s so loved by people because it allows for two-way communication. In the age of ad fatigue when consumers are overwhelmed by commercial messages, brands are not trustworthy anymore. How to overcome this disadvantage as a marketer?

You can cooperate with micro-influencers. Why micro? First of all, they’re more eager to collaborate – even without any budget. You can offer your products in exchange for a review on their social media profiles. Secondly, micro-influencers are more authentic, and they have loyal and engaged followers. Find a few influencers even with just a thousand followers, but choose them wisely, so that your target group matches theirs.

The other idea is to engage your audience with user-generated content. Organise competitions or encourage your followers for sharing pictures or videos with your products in use in return for rewards or discounts. Step two is publishing these materials on your profile.

Enhance customer service with chatbots.

On social media, consumers interact with brands also to get help. The time is crucial when it comes to customer service. Nowadays, people demand almost immediate answers and get annoyed by waiting for too long. Additionally, if they’re not satisfied with customer experience, they’re eager to post about it on social media.

To meet these requirements, it’s smart to use messenger chatbot. Chatfuel enables designing a scenario for conversation without any programming skills. Think of the most common questions (kind of FAQ section) and let the system answer immediately for them. A response should be natural and seem like a human so that that customer experience can be pleasant. Artificial Intelligence drives advance solutions for chatbots so the technology can take care of many issues.


Facebook offers automatic messages. If you receive too complicated and unusual questions and you don’t want to risk with inaccurate chatbot’s answer you can only set up automatic message to reassure your followers that you’ve received a message and you’ll respond as soon as possible. It’s a kind gesture towards customers.

Target your ads using custom audience

Social media marketing nowadays is based on advertising. Paid campaigns can be very resultful compared to other channels because there are a lot of options for targeting ads (remarketing, demographics, interests). For example, you can target ads to people interested in links to your blog posts that you’ve shared on social media. But what about external links that you share? Is it possible to use them?

Thanks to branded URL shortener like RocketLink you can improve your targeting on social media campaigns. While sharing any link (not only to your website but also any external page you would like to) embrace it with RocketLink. Everyone who clicks on your link can be converted into a perfectly targeted custom audience. Therefore you can present relevant content to your customers. Amazon URL shortening strategy works perfectly for Amazon sellers. Please check this page for more information.

Moreover, you can add a call to action, pop-up so that visitors can be redirected to your website and increase traffic. There’s even an option that allows embedding a video. That’s a great solution to rock social media marketing!

Remember that every business has its own specifics and not all of our ideas will work for every brand. You know your audience the best, and you need to figure out what could be the most resultful. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to try out these tricks on your social media pages. The key is to optimise your marketing efforts, so they suit your target group. The social media landscape is incredibly dynamic, so you need to be aware of the newest trends and solutions.

Good luck!

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