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Marketers face many challenges, but there are also many solutions that can make several processes and tasks easier. Fortunately, there is also marketing automation! In 2017 67% of Marketing Leaders who took part in the survey admitted they use a Marketing Automation Platform (source: Salesforce “State of Marketing”). Do not stay behind your competitors and take advantage of the solutions available on the market.

In order to proceed to smart campaigns and make the most of your brand’s potential, you should use marketing automation – but do it wisely.

Let’s start by specifying the aforementioned term.

We can talk about marketing automation when a system enables running a campaign automatically, for example, based on customers’ behavior.

How to introduce or improve marketing automation activities in your company? Keep reading!

1. Think strategically.

While planning your marketing strategy you need to think of every stage of the sales funnel. Coordinate your marketing automation activities with certain phases – if you’re message will be inadequate compared to the “warmth” of a lead that you can lose your chance for a new customer. Thanks to dedicated platforms you can design scenarios that will send certain notifications or e-mails depending on actions taken on your website. It is a great opportunity to catch people while they are interested in your offer.

2. Complete your toolbox.

Do not limit yourself with only one platform, but also do not focus on the few most obvious. Customer-relationship management (CRM) systems or e-mail marketing tools are not the only options to automate your activities. The first step you should take is to figure out which tasks you need to automate, which are the best for your brand to improve. Think of the practical aspects, like not only that you can automate sending e-mails or notifications, but also the way of acquiring subscribers.

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GOLDEN TIP: With RocketLink you can add, among others, pop-ups with a sign-up form for your newsletter or web push notifications to the links you share. The real magic is that you can add such elements to every link you share, not only to your website. It can be helpful while reaching the audience interested in the specific subject, using well-known publishers to attract your potential customers.

Marketing Tools

3. Take your time in implementing.

You do not need to start with every possible marketing automation process at once. Start with simple tasks and once you get successful in that part – move forward. Adjust platforms and their functions to your sales funnel. Maybe you will not need every tool during every part of your campaign. Create a timeline and prepare a budget for every period – it is going to vary depending on the tools you will need to buy.

Moreover, it takes some time while implementing a new solution to test it properly. As always when it comes to processes that are carried out without a human contribution, you should check out many possible scenarios so that your communication will be logical. Especially regarding chatbots with automatic answers. You should give your customers an option to contact a real person in extraordinary cases etc.

4. Optimize your actions.

Every marketing activity should be optimized because during the process you can find out that strategies that you have assumed do not work as you wish. Test your ideas and designs – proceed A/B tests to find out which version works better for your target group. In the following campaigns use creations that get you better results. That way you can generate leads effectively.

5. Build a relationship.

Do not only focus on sales only but think of your customers’ needs and how you can help them. That way you have a chance for a long term relationship. Lead nurturing is essential for gaining loyal clients. Use content marketing to interact with potential customers and give them value, educate them and create your expert image.

How can marketing automation help you with content marketing? While distributing your articles, video, podcast, etc. you should deliver a relevant piece of content to your audience. You can use segmentation and create a scenario in which when the previous behavior on your website will determine which piece of content will be sent to certain people. Your communication will be more adequate and you will minimize the risk of unsubscribing from your newsletter or web push notifications.

GOLDEN TIP: Use RoketLink to add pixels to links you share on social media. Whoever will click your link you can reach later in your retargeting campaigns. There is no point to show your ads to everyone who is on Facebook for example. Focus precisely on your target group.
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How to optimize marketing automation?

6. Be personal.

Use a great power of personalization that marketing automation gives. You should address your recipients by name and use all of the data you have to make them feel special. You can use a CRM system like Capsule CRM to collect significant information about your potential clients and use them for suitable communication. That way you can surprise people with some nice gestures, like giving discounts for their birthdays or some actions taken on your website. The more personal you get, the better the relationship with a customer you build.

Solutions driven by marketing automation or email marketing tools can be shockingly effective and help you generate more leads. Follow our tips and find out how much you can achieve thanks to the most suitable systems for your company. Good luck!

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