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Email marketing is one of the most popular ways of communication with customers. Every day around the world people send 269 billions of emails. This crashing number can raise a question of whether it can be still an effective method of increasing sales. Nevertheless, 80% of retail professionals admit that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention. Additionally, 59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation. Hence, there is no doubt that you should continue or start including email in your marketing strategy.

Find out how to run a successful email campaign!

Build a subscriber base

Your plan has to include a strategy for building a subscriber base. Be creative and use many ideas to gather the most accurate audience. Among the many possible techniques you can try out:

  • Pop-up on your website – add a visible but not annoying pop-up to inform what visitors about your newsletter. Briefly explain what users can expect from your emails (for example, sharing blog content) and inform how often do you plan to send messages. There are many types of pop-ups, they can appear immediately, or while scrolling page at a certain point. You can also use exit pop-ups.
  • Discount for signing up – give your visitors a little bonus for joining your newsletter. You can also inform about it in your pop-up or slider on the website.
  • Pop-up on any website you link to – thanks to RocketLink you can add pop-ups to links you share. Therefore, you can get your audience back. Use an awesome piece of content to attract your recipients and create a pop-up with an appealing sign-up form. Remember that content on the website you share has to match your brand’s context. Only that way you can build a base with people interested in your products or services.
  • Facebook Lead Ads – a form of campaigns which is dedicated to lead generation purposes. The advantage of using this method is that Facebook automatically fills up an email address if a person agrees on that. Therefore, it is faster and easier for users. You can take advantage of retargeting and display your ads to people who have already visited your website.

Remember, the goal of building a subscriber base is not getting as many email addresses as possible, but gathering as many valuable recipients as possible. Also, this is a continuous process, you should constantly work on enlarging your reach via newsletter.

Email marketing tips

Choose an email marketing platform

Choosing the right newsletter software is the most significant decisions when it comes to newsletter campaigns. You should pay attention to aspects such as:

Once you select a tool that suits your needs, you can design your first message. Include your branding (logo, colors, fonts), so that your newsletter could match your website and other materials. Pay attention to call-to-action buttons (place only one or two in one message, so that recipients will not get confused about what do you expect them to do).

Email marketing guide

Personalize your messages

By integrating your email marketing tool with a CRM system you can use information about your recipients for personalization. It is not only a matter of addressing users by names but more importantly adjusting content of a newsletter. Based on the visitor’s behavior on your website, you can send a suitable message at the right time. A great example can be a welcome message or newsletter with products recommendations or particular blog articles (depending on the categories viewed before). The more personalized is the communication between a brand and a customer, the stronger the relationship can be. Around 60% of retail, consumer gods and service, and ecommerce companies now use personalization to connect with customers based on their previous purchases

Use newsletter for retargeting

If you share any links in your newsletter you should definitely use RocketLink for shortening and customizing them. Moreover, you can add retargeting pixels which you can later use in your social media and Google Ads campaigns. That way you can use other platforms for reaching your recipients and attract them to visit your website or find out more about your offer.

Optimize your campaign

Use A/B testing to try more than one version of your newsletter to find out which one performs better for your audience. What is crucial in such tests is that every time you can change only one element (for example, text, image, call-to-action button, but also the time of sending out your emails). Depending on click-through rate or other metrics important for your brands you can decide which direction to take in the next campaigns. Constantly try to get to know your audience better and adjust your emails to recipients.

While planning an email marketing campaign remembers that you are not the only one who will try to reach customers that way. Thus, you need to create great content (when it comes to both text and visuals). Moreover, to avoid unsubscribing, do not be pushy and annoying. Too many follow-ups can discourage from following your messages. Find the golden mean and boost your revenue.

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