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How to Use Rocketlink for a Small Business?

How to Use Rocketlink for a Small Business?

Aleksandra Jasnos

Some of the business owners and marketers that work for small organizations believe that online tools are expensive. In fact, there are plenty of solutions that can help you improve your strategy and they’re cost-effective. One of them is RocketLink.

RocketLink is an URL shortener with many additional features that can be useful for every kind of business.

Read on to find out how to make the most of our tool!

Custom your links

RocketLinks allows not only for shortening links but also let you create branded links. With such an opportunity your links can look trustworthy and professional. Even as a small business you can get clicks and build your position on the market. Once you custom your domain you can create links that include your brand’s name and describe URL’s destination. For example:


That way, people will know when the link will direct them and which brand’s website is it. It’s crucial for driving traffic to your website as users can have concerns when it comes to random links.

In addition, other shorteners like bit.ly or Goo.gl allows anyone to enter the stats of your link. It only takes adding a “+” at the end of the link to check out the details. Why would you let your competitors learn about your performance? Exactly, you shouldn’t. Use a secure and reliable URL compressor, like RocketLink.

In addition, via RocketLink you can also custom thumbnails. Facebook doesn’t allow for changing link previews anymore. Images and titles can sometimes be displayed not exactly in the way you’d want them to. RocketLink comes to save the day as you can customize your thumbnails and create better social media posts with relevant and catching titles, descriptions, and pictures.

Get back your audience

Can no deposit electricity companies use RocketLink? Sure! Small businesses very often can’t afford to create extremely valuable content on their own. At least not a few times a week. While posting on social media you can use insightful articles that regard your industry or topics from other publishers. But don’t send away your potential customers just yet. With RocketLink you can add a CTA to the links you share.

Once a user opens your link, they’ll see the content as well as your CTA. For example, you might encourage a visitor to check out your blog posts related to the shared content. It’s crucial to link to the article or product that is relevant contextually.

Moreover, you can retarget your ads to people who clicked your links. It’s one of the best opportunities that RocketLink creates for businesses. Thanks to adding retargeting pixels while shortening links you can create a custom audience and use it for your further campaigns. The real advantage is that you can retarget your ads to anyone who’s interested in your content and clicked your links even on other social networks, groups, forums, websites, emails, chats, or even people who entered a website via QR code created via RocketLink.

New link in RocketLink
Creating a new link

Make data-driven decisions

Yes, small businesses can (and should) use data as well! With RocketLink you can add UTM tags to track your links precisely. Therefore, you’re able to find out which links (content) drive your traffic. It can be also useful while working with micro-influencers – you can see which cooperation was worth the trouble.

In RocketLink’s dashboard, you can check out the link’s performance, including localization and system stats. Understand your visitors better to adjust your strategy and find out which content was valuable and engaging.

Optimize your campaigns by running A/B tests. Find out which creatives, links, and CTAs work best. You can also test different visuals and titles thanks to custom thumbnails. Target your ads to more precise target groups and create suitable messages. For example, you can run different ads for people who clicked different links and might be interested in specific content. Therefore, you can personalize your campaigns and improve their effectiveness.

As you can see, RocketLink can leverage your marketing strategy and boost conversions. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details or schedule a demo 🙂

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