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12 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Black Friday

Wojciech Jasnos

Black Friday is getting increasingly more popular not only in the US. it has become a trend followed by other countries also in Europe. The merchants want to make the most of Black Friday, offering the best possible deals to their potential clients who are searching the web even more intensively than ever before. some of the sellers are not limited to the Black Friday idea itself, especially if they sell their products or services online. No one is surprised by the fact that Cyber Monday or Cyber Week is getting more popular, too. What should you know about Black Friday and how can you prepare the right set of marketing activities for this occasion? Let us reveal it in our newest article.

What is Black Friday? 

Before we start digging into this topic, let us explain what Black Friday is and where it comes from. 

According to Wikipedia: 

Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. 

According to marketing departments:

A nightmare and hard work. 

Black Friday is seriously marketed by retailers. Especially online shops break sales records every year, and they know they have no time to waste.

What are the good practices for Black Friday?

  1. Start early. Start planning Black Friday activities the Wednesday before that particular Friday is way too late. You may not believe but some brands start their Black Friday activities in August even if Black Friday itself is in November. This shows how important this occasion is for all of the sellers. For many of them, especially those who sell products online, this day is the most important day in a year calendar.
  2. You’ll honestly be very busy with managing requests that day. Get prepared with promotional content and plan it in advance with some social media management tools if you feel that you are not able to do it manually.
  3. Test out a lot of ways to reach your target audience. There are many amazing opportunities waiting for your brand on social media and paid advertising is not the only way to do so. You can get inspired by some examples of e-commerce e-mail marketing and create a convincing newsletter, both before the shopping spree and during its duration.
  4. Make the most of remarketing. During Black Friday, it can win you a lot of clients and new deals. Those who do not use smart retargeting and do not show the products they previously showed to a particular group of clients, simply miss the boat and can lose a lot of revenue and customers that day.
  5. If you have a huge database of followers and want to announce your Black Friday deals… what are you waiting for? Present them some sneak peeks where you can show trailers of special offers and let them guess what the offer will be. You’ll drive a lot of curiosity, but also traffic that you can convert into payments if you retarget your clients in a smart way. Create appealing graphics design using, for instance, infographic templates that will only whet your clients’ appetite.
  6. Look for some deals’ aggregators. Maybe you could add your business there and therefore increase the reach of your offer? 

What are the common mistakes for Black Friday?

  1. Giving too Big Discount. if you have only launched your project and it happens to be around Black Friday, giving a discount of 90% may be too big and it may make it difficult later on to sell your products at a higher price. People may be spoiled by this discount and not willing to pay full price for your product if they know that they can get it 90% off for Black Friday. Give the 10% discount is a bit of a faux-pas for Black Friday, but you shouldn’t really exceed 50%.
  2. Getting the same type of discount as you would do on any regular day. Black Friday is about giving special discounts that can attract some new potential customers to your shop.
  3. Not keeping an eye nor on Black Friday throughout all day but also Cyber Monday. This handy graph from Shopify shows when people do most of the shopping during these days. No matter how sad it is, or how it is going to ruin your plans, but you need to be active and sensitive to any requests for 24 hours a day. Welcome to the world of e-commerce.
  4. Not looking at your competitors and not taking any conclusions from the previous years. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many retailers, including your competitors, sell even a few hundred times more on that day than any other day in the year. If you start your preparation too late, or if you do just minimal research, you may not have enough time and knowledge to reach your target group and to spread a word about your offer to the world.
  5. Not listening to your customers’ feedback and e-commerce trends. If your clients informed you about some possible bugs on your website, and you did nothing about it, don’t be surprised that they will be put off enough not to buy anything in your store.
  6. Lack of promotion. Remember – everyone will participate in Black Friday, and the communication clutter will be just horrendous. That is why you need to plan your campaign in advance and start communicating it way earlier. It can impact your sales (for example, some of your clients will hold their purchase until the deal appears) 

Black Friday with RocketLink 

To benefit this shopping season in a long-term perspective, add retargeting pixels to the links you share. In your next campaigns, you can use remarketing to reach your specific audience and gain loyal customers. 

Everyone wants to make the most of Black Friday, especially the sellers. They know that this time of the year means a proper shopping spree. Black Friday means a lot for marketing teams as well because this is the perfect time of the year when they can shine with their activities. However, they have to be prepared to compete with a lot of Market Rivals during the crazy time.

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