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7 Clever Retargeting Ad Examples to Sell More Product

7 Clever Retargeting Ad Examples to Sell More Product


Retargeting (otherwise known as remarketing) gives you the opportunity to advertise to a perfectly primed consumer base, and it can be extremely impactful. On average, a retargeting ad has 76% more chance of being clicked on than a regular display ad.

That said, it’s a marketing opportunity that many don’t take full advantage of, reusing image ads already designed, instead of going that extra mile and crafting creative ads to specifically connect with a retargeting audience.

Not sure how to approach creating effective retargeting ads? Well, look no further. Here are 7 clever strategies for upping your retargeting ad game.

7 Clever Retargeting Ad Examples to Sell More Product

Photo by Melanie Deziel on Unsplash

1. Use your copy to combat sales objections

Image ads are commonly used to familiarize an audience with a brand, using basic ads featuring primary brand assets and taglines to make an impression on a consumer. Your remarketing audience, however, already knows who you are, so you need to give them more than a generic intro ad. Remember that these shoppers were on your site but didn’t make a purchase, so use the retargeting ad as an opportunity to address their concerns and convince them to return and shop.

If you’re not sure what objections to address, consult with your sales team or do some research by surveying your non-converters. You could also try digging through your online reviews for helpful information. Whatever the most common causes of hesitation or concern are, address them in your retargeting ad and draw a missed opportunity back in, feeling reassured and ready to hit the buy button.

2. Showcase the products you know they are interested in

The internet is a great way to indulge in a little window shopping, and linger on pages that feature products you fall in love with.

Dynamic remarketing allows advertisers to use this information to automatically create ads that specifically feature the products a shopper viewed during their last visit to the site. These are incredibly effective, as they remind the consumer just how much they loved the product and tempt them into returning and converting.

3. Use urgency to help them over the line

Retargeting ads that utilize a sense of urgency play very effectively upon the FOMO (fear of missing out). You can effectively convert ‘on-the-fence’ shoppers by using terms like ‘get in quick’ or ‘last minute deals!’

This tried and true method works wonders on both conversion and click-through rates, and the easiest way to invoke some FOMO in your audience is to make use of ad customizers. These are simple, short codes that can insert dynamic countdown features in your ads to really enhance a sense of urgency.

4. Offer discounts via codes and coupons

With e-commerce experiencing a colossal boom since Covid-19 came to town, making online purchases is fast becoming the new normal when it comes to shopping, and this includes shopping around for the best deals. The moment a consumer leaves your site to shop around, you risk losing them forever.

This is where the power of digital coupons comes in. Digital discount codes and coupons have become an immensely popular tool in today’s online e-commerce world, and are a powerful tool in converting customers. According to Statista, a staggering 92% of online consumers searched for digital discount coupons and codes before completing their purchases in 2020.

Digital coupons are also extremely versatile to implement, as you can feature them in multiple ad channels, as well as submitting them to popular coupon sites that attract their own healthy site traffic. Retargeting using a discount code or coupon can be just the sweetener a shopper needs to return and convert.

5. Give your cart abandoners a nudge

According to a report from Forrester on shopping cart abandonment, 88% of online shoppers said that they’ve ditched their online shopping carts before completing the transaction.

This is a painful statistic for advertisers who have successfully captured a qualified lead, led them successfully to a targeted page and even had them adding a product to their cart, only to drop it like it’s hot at the last minute.

By this point, a great deal has already been invested in these prospects, so it makes sense to ensure that part of your retargeting efforts include giving them a nudge. One enticing reminder that they haven’t yet completed their check-out process may be all it takes to draw them back in.

6. Showcase complimentary cross-sell products to existing customers

Just because they convert, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the end of the road. Instead of excluding them from your remarketing push, try enticing them with a different set of ads featuring products that compliment their original purchases.

Make sure that the product combos truly compliment each other to stand any real chance of cross-sell conversions.

7 Clever Retargeting Ad Examples to Sell More Product

Photo by rupixen.com on Unsplash

7. Remind past customers how much they love your brand

Past customers hopefully already love your brand and have had a very positive experience. Consequently, they may require less coaxing to get them across the line than a brand new lead, so it’s wise to include them in your retargeting efforts.

Reminding them how much they love your brand may not be enough to drive them back to your site however, so be sure to include a call-to-action in your copy. For example, you could notify them of new arrival products, a whole new line, new, never-before seen deals, or exclusive deals for returning customers.

Retargeting ads are the perfect opportunity to go that extra step towards converting a prospect. You’ve already caught them and reeled them in, and remarketing gives you a second bite of the apple that you don’t want to waste, so, get creative and really consider what that particular group of visitors needs to see or read to help them across the line.

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