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Internet trolls

Sliding up From Trolls to Goals Is Now Easy and Can Happen Overnight

Wojciech Jasnos
Comments management

Are your social media channels getting unfavorable comments? Have social-networking trolls brought devastating effects on your business? 

What are the responses to the trolls that can cause a severe strike on your reputation and brand exposure?

Here are some simple tactics that will help you in the best possible way to de-escalate the adverse situation. 

In this blog, I’ll share how to prevent trolls on your social media accounts, as well as how basic tips to slide you up from trolls to goals overnight and keep your community troll-free. 

But Before We Start, Let’s Know What Are Trolls? 

Trolls are the online people who deliberately stir up issues in different social communities and sites. Businesses must deal with trolls efficiently so that it doesn’t blacken your fame and tarnish your internet presence.

Facebook Trolls

In other words, trolling is determined as making disputes online, by causing quarrels or disturbing people by sharing offensive or off-track messages on the internet. Commonly, a social media troll is an activity performed specifically to state something disputable in order to rise amongst the users. 

According to recent stats, there are more than 3.5 billion people log-in to different social media channels every single day. Social channels attract users, brands, marketers, etc from every single corner of the world. But, as the channel’s popularity prolongs to increase equally not that humble trolls also do. 

Troll posts usually distract from business messages and drown out your followers, making them feel uncomfortable. They hang around in the darkness waiting for the right time to trigger controversy and throw away insults out.

How can you stop trolls from going wild, taking over your account on social media, and offending your audience? Here are some basic tips and simple ways to prevent trolls on your accounts – 

Win The Battle Through Keywords

You can’t stop the posts get trolled, but you can strip off one thing they struggle for:  


Various social media channels now provide users to hide unwanted comments from their posts or profile. Instagram even uses it to hide scam, spam, or inappropriate content using various new machine learning AI-based bots to hide comments which contain terms and phrases others frequently reported offensive.

On Facebook, to activate this, move to the top right corner of the page, click on settings option, click on the public posts option available on the left. Select who is allowed to like or comment on your public posts. 

On Instagram, to activate this, go to the settings option, scroll down to the comments section, click on the box available on the left-hand side, and see the comments getting disappeared. 

Instagram also provides you with another alternative, as you wanna go even further.

Customize your own set of keywords that are commonly used for trolls in your niche. This probably helps to differentiate between the real customer queries from the trolls. The followers who don’t pass the filter, you can block them, and they won’t be able to reach your account anymore.  


Instead of performing this procedure manually, there is various social media automation software that helps in performing this task automatically. For Instagram, some of the top software contenders providing this feature are – 



Socinator is a one-stop social media automation tool for various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. This social dominator tool not only helps you to block unwanted followers from reaching out to your account anymore but also provides advanced publishing, analytics, and growth metrics. 

Social Captain

Social Captain

Social Captain is one of the best Instagram automation software, which helps to perform a large number of actions on your account within a flash of light, such as leave comments, Like images, follow and unfollow, and many others. You can also have a complete review of the Social Captain here.



Instarazzo software is an all-in-one platform for Instagram Marketing. Its services serve best for people who need to grow their network on Instagram along with active and real followers. And also helps people to track their comments using the Comment Tracker, which helps in avoiding unwanted comments.

Counteract Fib With Fact

When trolls spread rumors, tweet disinformation or share fallacies, nip them in the bud. Tales told by trolls are better disproved with the evidence. 

Remember Google Sharing videos to strangers? Google bug accidentally sent some of the user’s videos to strangers. With the rumors that Google was accidentally disseminating users’ videos to perfect strangers, and a lot of trolling.

It appears that many internet trolls got creatively inspired by various rumors.

Google took the stand and responded to the fault. The company confirmed that some people accidentally received private videos from the strangers that got uploaded to Google Photos, and also said that this bug would soon get identified and solved. They recommend exporting the new content and delete the prior export.

Sliding up From Trolls to Goals Is Now Easy and Can Happen Overnight

Google chose to tackle the problem in the best possible way. They acknowledged there was an issue that affected some customers. This regard helped them to stop any further controversy. 

Don’t Feed The Trolls

Dont feed the troll

Followers, commenters, and fans innit the only internet trolls. Brands sometimes become criminals. “Corporate trolling” basically is a place where the business trolls its fans.

It has been observed to have a fine line between being funny, engaging, and being obnoxious. As it’s better to be on the nicer side than having an inappropriate remark.

Though it is a good thing to react with humor. Yet when the jokes are actually funny, it’s much easier.

Fans tend to be more forgiving of popular people or large brands than a normal person or small company that’s looking forward to achieving high-end success.

Therefore, if you own an organization until your company hits the big time, it’s better to be kind and lovable by all. Avoid becoming a troll, instead focus on managing your own trolls. 


There is always a way to do things with dignity, however, challenging it may seem to deal with trolls. Try to stay cool. Use facts, humor, and kindness to react to trolls and make your space a fun and safe place for all your users.

People sharing the trolls are normal people too, therefore, having an online tolerance is said to be one of the best policies. Keep that in mind when interacting with people on the web and you will find that taming the trolls is a piece of cake.

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