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A Brief Overview of Link Shorteners


Link shorteners, those miniature URL components that we utilize on a daily basis, are an ideal way to boost the impact of your email marketing efforts. Not only do they provide users with an expedient route to reach you; but they can also be effective tools for encouraging clickthroughs.

In this piece, I’ll elucidate why link shorteners are ideal for email marketing and share three exemplary examples of their use in this capacity; all while remaining casual and congenial!

What is a link shortener?

Link shorteners are a means by which you can effectively cut down on the length of your hyperlinks – without altering the link itself. For example, if it’s currently necessitated to include five full words in order for users to comprehend just what that content entails – but with a clickable shortened link they can access pertinent information quickly and conveniently.

When your business is operating an email marketing campaign, optimally all of your hyperlinks should be clickable. However, when you employ link shorteners such as bit.ly or tinyurl.com in lieu of disclosing their real destination URLs; sending emails becomes much simpler!

Where can you use link shorteners?

Shortening websites is a favored solution for marketers, as shortening links offers several distinct benefits. By employing link shorteners on your website, it’s possible to effectively save precious characters while maintaining the integrity of your brand.

Using link shorteners like bit.ly and tinyurl, you can create an index page that provides hyperlinks that are immediately accessible to visitors in one convenient place; instead of having them scroll through hundreds or thousands of links!

This could prove useful if you’re promoting content or products across various social platforms, because it enables users to easily access all relevant resources from one central location. If you want to make sure that your marketing materials are search engine-friendly – without compromising on readability – then this may be just what you need!

When should you use link shorteners?

Link shorteners are ideal when you have a large list and want to save space but don’t feel the need for cut-and-dry hyperlinks. This is particularly useful if your email marketing strategy relies heavily on outreach, as it allows you to sneakily share links without cluttering up your messages!

Most people these days prefer an integrated and user-friendly method of interacting with their favorite brands. Thus, leapfrogging towards all-encompassing platforms like email marketing helps you introduce new users to your product, online events or service by simply opening an inbox – rather than forging forward with what could be an arduous task of manually constructing hyperlinks!

If you’re sending out thousands of emails each month, link shorteners can help improve open rates while saving precious inbox space.

What are the pitfalls of using link shorteners?

Link shorteners provide a temporary brand-name for links on social media, blogs and web pages; but be mindful that some platforms may not accept shortened links – which may prevent any clickable information from appearing.

Link shortening services can also be utilized in email marketing campaigns. This type of service provides marketers with the ability to craft an email address based upon any word or phrase they desire within their email subject line. Providing this flexibility can help businesses craft more engaging communication while also providing them with greater control over content distribution!

Despite link shortening services’ convenience, consider abandoning these services in favor of personalized domain names. Not only will this safeguard your customers’ identities and increase trust between businesses, but it will also ensure that their messages are directed to the correct recipient.

Best practices of using link shorteners

In lieu of creating unique, long-form hyperlinks for your email campaigns, consider utilizing link shorteners.

Shorten a URL to save space in your email marketing campaign and utilize it as a clickable link. This is an ideal solution for those who are strapped for time but require that their links remain accessible across email platforms!

To optimize the efficacy of these shortened URLs, you must craft compelling headlines in all correspondence – lest recipients lose interest upon opening an email adress. A captivating subject line can be just as alluring as the text itself when it comes to enthralling recipients!


The link shortener can be an integral component of your email marketing strategy, but you must be cautious when choosing one.

For example, while the free link shortener Google Groups is user-friendly and accessible from any device, it may not be suitable for your business. Other options such as Bitly or Unbounce provide additional features that could prove advantageous in creating engaging content for your audience. Ultimately it is up to you to determine which tool best suits your needs; however – don’t underestimate the importance of creating an effective link shortening process!

Do you utilize link shorteners? If so, we would love to hear from you! Please contact our team if you’d like assistance with crafting a link shortener setup or other blog strategies.

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