How to choose the best Facebook link shortener?

How to choose the best Facebook link shortener?


There are a lot of different Facebook link shorteners out there, but which one is the best for your needs? It can be tricky to decide, but this guide will help you make the right choice. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular options and explain what each one has to offer. So read on to find out which Facebook link shortener is right for you!

What is a Facebook link shortener?

There are a lot of Facebook link shorteners that you can choose from. Facebook link shorteners allow users to save time on typing and allows Facebook posts with links to appear more professional. Some Facebook administrators might want their Facebook page’s post title as the link, rather than the longer URL. In this case, some Facebook link shorteners will be useful.

Why should you use Facebook link shorteners?

Some Facebook link shorteners also have additional features such as statistics tracking tools, multiple accounts support, and integration to other social media networks such as Twitter and Reddit. These additional features can help you track your Facebook status’ performance and improve your content according to it. So choose wisely among these Facebook link shortener services to find one that works best for your needs while maintaining a user-friendly access experience for your audience on Facebook!

Benefits of Facebook link shortener

Share links to content on other sites by using just the URL

You can easily share Facebook links on other sites by using Facebook link shorteners, without any hassle connected to Facebook link shortener Facebook counterparts.

Shorten your URLs so they are easier for people to read and remember 

Shorter links are way easier to use and remember than long URLs provided by Facebook. Facebook link shorteners make for much easier quoting in Facebook comments, which is important considering how how a post from a social media influencer is different than a comment from a regular consumer. That’s because Facebook users can just share the link provided by Facebook link shortener via Facebook, and put a title to their post (e.g., “Found this useful online”).

For example, if you would like to link to a particular post on a particular profile, it is likely to have even 100 characters. Who is going to remember that? Facebook link shorteners make Facebook post links easier for people to read and remember.

The shortened URL looks more professional than if you were sharing an old-fashioned long link

Using Facebook link shorteners makes sure that Facebook user information will not be disclosed to the public as well as search engines such as Google and Yahoo, such as your real name and other personal data on Facebook.

For example, if you are Facebook friend with someone, Facebook link shorteners will not reveal that person’s Facebook name to the world just because you shared Facebook post or page link.

Shorten your Facebook links in one click – no need for URL-shortening software!

Facebook link shortener services can be particularly useful when you have a lot of Facebook updates to do or distribute at the same time.

For example, if you have a Facebook profile in which you share professional links, Facebook link shorteners can be highly useful for Facebook users who want to share one single Facebook link on Facebook pages they administer.

Or, if you are using several Facebook accounts with different email addresses, Facebook link shorteners will keep your social media accounts separate without giving too much away about your personal data.

Shortened URLs also help keep track of what you’ve shared with others 

If Facebook administrators care enough, they can track how many Facebook friends or Facebook users have clicked on Facebook links through Facebook link shorteners.

For example, Facebook page administrators who want to monitor what kind of content their Facebook friends appreciate will find Facebook link shorteners useful for tracking which Facebook post has more “engagement”, based on the number of Facebook shares. Then, if you use link shorteners like RocketLink, you can then use people who clicked through for remarketing.

How to pick the best Facebook link shortener

When you’re looking for a new Facebook link shortener, the first thing to consider is how much control over your links you want to give away.

Some services will allow you to customize the look and feel of your links by choosing from a variety of templates and backgrounds, while others won’t let you change anything at all. If customization is important to you, then something like RocketLink might be more suitable than something like tinyurl because it offers greater control over what looks like on your links (even if they don’t work any differently). On the other hand, if simple design without any customizability features sounds good to you…you could try other solutions.

How to shorten your Facebook links with is a service that allows you to shorten any URL on social media! All you have to do is share your shortened link with someone, and they can then follow it in their browser without having to type in all those extra characters. This means no more clunky links or typing them manually on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or even emailing them! is a service that will automatically shorten any link you share on Facebook by replacing the full link with just the domain name. It’s very easy to use, and it only takes a few seconds for them to shorten your links before posting them on Facebook!

Over to you

Now choose wisely among these Facebook link shorteners services to find one that works best for your needs while maintaining user-friendly access experience for your audience on Facebook!

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