How to use short links for boosting sales in 2021

How to use short links for boosting sales in 2021


Have you ever thought about methods that will help you increase your sales? If so, you probably had ideas like lowering product prices, improving customer service, pursuing social media marketing, advertising both online and offline, or influencer marketing strategies hoping these ways will generate more sales. If not, this article will tell you what method you can use and stay ahead of your competition who didn’t come up with this idea. Find out more about using short links because the popularity of short links has skyrocketed in past years!

What is a short link?

Using short links it’s one of the most underrated digital marketing tactics for generating more sales, but what exactly is the short link? It’s nothing but a shorter version of a long URL. They’re transformed from the longer one into manageable links that seldom exceed 20 characters. That means an address that is over 150 characters long can be easily turned into a link at least five times shorter

If you aren’t satisfied with your lengthy URL, you may use a branded URL shortener. Generating short URLs by yourself is extremely easy – it doesn’t require any technical expertise from a website owner. This leads to the conclusion that branded URL shorteners help solve the problem of making links more manageable to share.

The most popular reason for shortening URLs is that the long-form looks too long and unwieldy. Short URLs indeed look cool and easy to remember, but they have a lot more to offer you! For example, you can generate more money through website sales with short URLs. 

They have potential that you can use to improve your sales results!

Short links for boosting sales

With shortened URLs and custom domains, you will improve UX, build trust, and drive traffic to your website. Here are the five most important reasons why you will find a short link reliable.

  1. Improved social media

The short URL looks concise and doesn’t take up much space in a post. It’s far more convenient to use a short URL, especially when sharing content on social media, as it encourages recipients to open it. Social media is a busy space, so it’s hard to grasp the audience’s attention, but small details like shorten URL can help you pay attention. If you’re driving more traffic to your website, it means you have a fair chance to increase your leads and clickability on your website.

  1. Click-through analytics

A URL shortener without click-through analytics isn’t profitable because you miss the opportunity to get valuable information. The report will show you the total number of clicks, unique clicks, conversions, and conversion rate. Thanks to data analysis, you will find out what goes to the recipients, what you need to improve, also you will identify winning content – as a result, you will find new recipients. With a URL shortener that makes your link short, you will create links, get clicks on them, and track the performance of those links! Track all of your links and clicks in one dashboard and optimise your marketing efforts.

  1. Better retargeting

Retargeting aims to engage the customer after the initial interaction. It is the process of reaching a specific group of recipients who have had contact with our website and the products or services we offer. Feel interested? Great, because since today, you can create custom audiences based on users who clicked your URLs. Reach people interested in specific content or your products and increase conversion. If you need more, consider running cross-platform retargeting campaigns and engage your target audience.

  1. UTM tags

UTM, or Urchin Tracking Module, are unique parameters that can be added to a standard URL. In this way, you gain the ability to precisely track traffic from individual sources on our website. It comes in handy when running social media. Every efficient marketer will use such opportunities as track links to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns on the Internet. A UTM parameter is attached to the destination URL in a campaign to record and analyse the traffic. To get this code, you need to generate a UTM preset and assign it to the URL.

  1. CTA message

Include a CTA (call-to-action) with every link you make. If you share CTA, you can get extra traffic from your shared links – it’s legible and straightforward because it is short. Compelling Call to Actions lets you be in touch with your users even when they leave your site. It’s essential as branded call-to-action is a bridge between marketing and sales. Each custom CTA you share is another opportunity to hook your audience.

Rocketlink is your saviour

You may be wondering how using Rocketlink for generating short branded URLs can help? Well, very much. Rocketlink can be a fantastic tool to create short URLs for your marketing campaign. The benefits it offers to its users are excellent – it helps you creating short URLs and generating more revenue by driving the visitors to your website and converting them into subscribers. Rocketlink uses short links to make your social media, analysis, retargeting, tracking, and CTA messaging as helpful as possible.

Besides the reasons mentioned above, there are others benefits that Rocketlink has to offer you, like CVS export, custom scripts, QR codes, custom thumbnails, custom 404 redirects, Chrome&Firefox extensions, GDPR consent option and SocialBee&Publer Integration.

You can short URL by yourself – it’s straightforward! You need to create an account on the RocketLink application, add the domain you want to include in the URL to the tool and shorten it in the application. At the finish, you can copy the shortened link and use it anywhere you want.

To sum up

Have you ever thought about converting a long URL into a short URL? Yes? So now you can imagine how you can generate more sales just by using a URL shortener tool. You discovered why branded short URLs are better than original long URLs and how short URLs can generate more sales.

Thanks to this article, you will realise that it was a mistake not to take advantage of short links! By using a suitable tool such as RocketLink, the branded URL shortening process is even more enjoyable.

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