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Instagram Link Shortener: Everything you Need to Know


Are you interested in Instagram link shorteners? You’ll find everything you need to know about them in this article.

What are they? What should they have? What benefits do they give you? You’re a step away from getting answers to all these questions, and more.

So join us for a short but definitely insightful piece of content today!

Instagram link shortener: what is it?

Instagram link shortener is a tool or some software that allows you to shorten your Instagram links. Using such solutions, you can shorten any link you wish and add them to your Instagram profile or descriptions. Instagram link shorteners can be either free or paid.

Instagram link shortener: what should it have?

A poorly chosen Instagram link shortener can totally ruin your experience with shortening links.

To avoid this situation, we’ve summed up the top 3 aspects you should consider when choosing the best solution for yourself. 

Here’s what you need:

Flawless user support

An Instagram link shortener should provide you with flawless user support in case of any issues, bugs or questions you may have. 

This is one of the most important aspects. Everything because as a user of a particular solution, you should be sure that it is always at your disposal, with no problems.

Getting a solution like that will leave you satisfied and happy.

Reasonable price

Moving forward, keep in mind that you definitely shouldn’t overpay for an Instagram link shortener. On the other hand though, it’s worth paying even a little subscription fee, as long as you’re not using completely free solutions.

Using a free solution could limit your access to features you would normally have access to when utilizing more advanced and paid tools. 

Examples could include insightful statistics, customization options, call to action features and more. 

So when looking for that one and only, be sure to pick something affordable and with access to useful features.

“If it’s making you significantly more money than its subscription costs, then it’s worth paying”, says Jonathan Merry, Founder & CEO at Bankless Times.

User-friendly interface

Lastly, and most importantly, your perfect Instagram link shortener should be easy to use!

Such tools are supposed to make your life easier, never harder. With this in mind, pay attention to various shorteners when you’re on a free trial. 

Some questions to help you out could include:

  • Is the process of shortening links simple and straightforward?  
  • How long does it take me to shorten one link?
  • Is it easy to navigate within the tool and its features?
  • Is the user interface intuitive?
  • Can I keep all my links data in one place?

Instagram link shortener: where to find it?

The best way to find a good Instagram link shortener is by doing some research on the internet. That’s, of course, if nobody recommended you anything yet offline.

But where exactly on the Internet should you look? We’ve got 3 sources to recommend.

#1 Blogs

Marketing blogs can be an excellent source of valuable details about various tools and software, such as link shortening tools.

For this reason, it’s worth following at least a few of them, or just checking them out when you’re on a hunt for the best one.

Examples of marketing blogs to check out:

  • RocketLink blog
  • Convince and Convert,
  • TopRank Blog,
  • Brian Solis,
  • Conversation agent.

#2 Software review platforms

Another great source of information, probably much more detailed than the previous one, is software review websites. 

The purpose of them is to give seekers of tools the most important information to decide if they want a tool or not. 

Such details usually include things like:

  • subscription plans descriptions,
  • features overviews, 
  • pricing plans,
  • pros and cons, 
  • reviews from users,

and more.

Examples of software review platforms to check out:

  • G2,
  • Gartner Peer Insights,
  • TrustRadius,
  • PeerSpot (previously IT Central Station),
  • Capterra,
  • Software Advice,
  • GetApp,
  • Gartner Digital Markets.

#3 Quora

Quora is a social question-and-answer platform. Users use it by, among many, asking questions and answering them. 

When it comes to finding your top link shortening tool for Instagram, you should definitely try this website. We’re sure you’ll also be able to learn many more insights on top of everything.

Here, you can also be sure to see lots of authentic opinions about softwares and tools written by genuine users.

How to search for your ideal tool? Try these phrases in the search bar:

  • best link shortener
  • best link shortening
  • Instagram link shortener
  • shorting links for Instagram
  • shortened links for Instagram
  • Instagram links shortener
Instagram Link Shortener: Everything you Need to Know


Instagram link shortener: benefits

Not sure if shortening links is something you should start doing? These benefits will leave you with no doubts. 

✔️ Shortened links are more user-friendly

Websites are now using shortened links to provide a more user-friendly experience. They are also more efficient because they save space on the page.

✔️ Shortened links can be tracked for analytics and performance

The analytics can help you to understand how many clicks, impressions, and conversions your shortened links are getting. The performance of the shortener can be measured by the number of times it has been clicked on or used for conversion.

✔️ Shortened URLs count as backlinks and improve your SEO

The use of shortened URLs to generate backlinks has been a popular practice among SEOs and webmasters for some time now.

✔️ Shortened links can increase your brand awareness

In this digital age, shortened links are a great way to increase brand awareness. All because thanks to various customisation features that may allow you to align your links with your branding strategy.

✔️ Shortened links can bring more traffic to your blog or website

Shortened links are a great way to boost your website’s or blog’s traffic because they’re easier for people to share on social media platforms with limited character limits, like Twitter and Instagram. Add link shortening to your tasks on a social media calendar and you’ll never miss a beat.

✔️ Shortened links use fewer characters compared to traditional links

Shortened links also provide a way to make sure that the link is not too long and difficult to remember. A shortened link saves you from having to type out the entire URL, which can be long and complicated. It also saves you from having to remember where you saved the link, or what it was called.

✔️ Shortened links are more shareable

Shortened links are more shareable because they take up less space, as well as are easier to remember. Additionally, shortened links can also be used to create QR codes, thus making them even more shareable.

✔️ Shortened links results in a higher click through rate 

It’s also worth keeping in mind that thanks to the limited number of characters, customization features and easy sharing, shortened links can also result in higher click through rates.

✔️ Shortened links give your brand more legitimacy and professionalism

You should always shorten links before posting them on social media or including them  in the footer of your blog’s newsletter template, because it will make the link look more professional and legitimate.

Instagram Link Shortener: Everything you Need to Know

Make the best out of Instagram with RocketLink

And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this article. 

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Many thanks for reading, check our blog for more useful knowledge and good luck!

Instagram link shortener FAQ

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Instagram link shorteners. Learn more about shortening links and sharing them on Instagram now. 

What is an Instagram link shortener?

Instagram link shortener is a tool or some software that allows you to shorten your Instagram links. Using such solutions, you can shorten any link you wish and add them to your Instagram profile or descriptions. Instagram link shorteners can be either free or paid.

What are the benefits of Instagram link shorteners?

Shortening links for your Instagram has many benefits. Examples include user-friendliness, access to tracking analytics, improved SEO, higher brand awareness, more website and blog traffic, easier sharing, higher CTR, added legitimacy and more. For a full list read the article above.

How can I take advantage of Instagram link shorteners?

Shortened Instagram links can give you lots of perks, and that’s why you should use them in places like your profile bio, comments or post descriptions.You can also use them outside of the platform to drive traffic to your account. 

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