What the iOS 14 Update Means for Retargeting

What the iOS 14 Update Means for Retargeting


Retargeting is a powerful marketing strategy that uses the internet to bring back potential customers who have already visited your site or app. Retargeting can be used to increase customer lifetime value and generate more revenue for businesses, but it is not without its challenges. The newest version of Apple’s iOS has changed retargeting in significant ways. Read on to find out what this update means for social media advertising campaigns and retargeting!

Nowadays, when a user installs or updates an application on their device, they are asked for permission to collect certain data. The iOS 14 update changes the management of personal data collected and has an impact on retargeting performance. Facebook noticed that “the size of retargeting audiences may decrease as more devices update to iOS 14.x” but how much will this be? Is it going to have major consequences? This article explores these questions.

By now you know Apple’s newest version is limiting what kind of information can be shared with third-party apps … However, IoS app developers should not panic – there is still plenty left OS 14 leaves available in terms of targeting parameters such as age range, gender etc.

What is changing since the iOS 14 update on users’ personal data collection?

When the iOS 14 update was launched, it became mandatory to have consent for any device that downloads or updates an application. In other words, from now on a user is responsible for granting permission before downloading and installing an app. This change has many consequences:

– The size of retargeting audiences may decrease as more devices upgrade to iOS14;

– Retargeting campaigns will also be affected by this new regulation because advertisers cannot target users who did not grant permissions when updating their phone’s operating system;

– As a result, markets like China could see significant changes in their digital advertising market due to these technological developments.

The update leads to major changes in personal data management and hence impacts social media advertising.

Who is impacted by the iOS 14.5 update?

This update leads to major changes in the management of the personal data collected. This obviously has an impact on social media advertising campaigns and retargeting, but what is it going to be really significant for? Let’s see how the iOS 14.0 update impacts:

-Retailers or e-commerce companies using adverts based on a user’s previous browsing habits (retargeting)

-Content publishers who want their ads shown after someone reads one article from them

As per Facebook, “the size of retargeting audiences may decrease as more devices are updated to iOS 14.0”. So with this release, advertisers will have fewer people that they can show their advertisements.

The iOS 14 upgrade is not an issue for most social advertiser but marketers should be aware that retargeting effectiveness may have been affected by this update in some way or another; it’s worth checking your latest data to see how much impact has occurred.

How to make the most of retargeting in 2021?

Retargeting is one of the most efficient ways to increase conversions. The key here, as usual, lies in sequencing: how will you promote your products or services?

The mobile advertising market has seen a steady growth over the years and it’s not going to slow down for 2019. Retargeting represents almost 80% of all digital display ads on mobiles devices with incremental revenue margins between 200-500%. This means that retargeting can be considered an essential tool when promoting any business on mobile device screens. As per Facebook’s statistics for 2018, 77 million people used their Instagram application every day which makes this platform an excellent place to reach potential customers through social media campaigns involving ads via targeting audiences by specific criteria.

iOS update changes the way we approach retargeting. RocketLink does not seem to be impacted much by the iOS 14 update, good news!

What are solutions to reduce impacts of iOS 14.5 updates?

Retargeting is more effective on iPhones than on Android devices.

In the case where you have a small budget, retargeting campaigns are still possible to set up and run with some limitations as below:

– Limit your targeting of mobile users by device type or operating system version in order to reduce the size of your audience; this will allow you to be able to target less people but at least those who can see your ads.

– Use geotargeted advertising if it’s available for iOS 14.0+ user base; use traditional text based display ads for other versions, which their click through rates may not be high enough (higher CTR means higher cost per conversion) so that they represent good group of users to advertise on.

– Use remarketing or other targeting methods which do not rely so much on device identification; for instance, using email retargeting campaigns with a content upgrade is an option if you know your audience has the right interest in that topic.

– Consider running ads and see how many conversions are achieved before deciding whether to stop advertising because of decreased effectiveness due to iOS updates. The lower CTRs may mean higher conversion rates at lower cost per conversion, as well as having more taps on the ad inventory – this strategy can be used when only a few items need promotion but there’s no budget left available for promoting them via traditional display ads.

– Keep in mind that some devices might still have iOS versions that are not updated hence no need for you to be worried!

Good luck!

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