6 Unknown Ways to Rocket up Your Ads on Social Media

6 Unknown Ways to Rocket up Your Ads on Social Media

Wojciech Jasnos

Setting up some basic campaigns on social media is not ROCKET science. However, analyzing and optimizing them so they deliver may be more difficult. No matter what stands behind the lack of results, you need to identify it quickly.

Optimizing your ads doesn’t happen overnight, but with a few smart tips, you can do better than your competition. Below, you’ll find some ideas on how to optimize your ads, also using RocketLink.

Optimizing ads with RocketLink

RocketLink gives you a wide array of features that can be used for making the most of your paid campaigns. What’s more, you can use RocketLink in all stages of planning your adverts:

  • pre-campaign – planning stage – creating custom audiences from people who clicked through organic posts, posts in groups or on private profiles (we’ll cover that later on).
  • during the campaign – by shortening the links and adding customized CTA and widgets, you’re able to engage with your audience even further, giving them a couple of other touchpoints to connect with your brand.
  • after the campaign – since you’re able to analyze how many people clicked through, drawing conclusions may be backed by data.

Let’s dive straight in.

Custom URL shortener for brand transparency

RocketLink gives you possibilities to shorten your links with a branded domain. How can it work for optimizing your ads? First of all, it works towards your brand integrity. Secondly, you can use a branded domain alternately with your website domain, so you don’t risk it (for example, Facebook tends to flag some domains that may appear too intensively on social media). You can use it in your creatives so they look more captivating with the short URL and help your audience get straight to the point of your advert.

Thumbnail customization for higher CTR

With RocketLink, you can also customize your link preview thumbnails – so they look more professional and trustworthy. If you upload a link to social media, meta description and images are taken automatically from content that’s behind the link. Customized thumbnails allow you to personalize the previews as you wish, so they can fit your posting strategy better or look more attractive in ads.

Boost your CTA with… another CTA

Let’s say that you run a Facebook campaign. Creatives are great, results are rather satisfying as there are many clicks to your website. However, the conversion is not desired.

In social media campaigns, you’re given an option to add your CTA depending on what you want to achieve with a particular campaign. In social media posts, you can simply put CTA in your posts.

RocketLink takes it even further, giving another incentive to those who already clicked through. This incentive is your own CTA, embedded on a landing page you’re redirecting people in your campaign. You can do it even if you don’t have physical access to editing the page.

How does it work?

  1. Potential clients see your posts on social media and click through.
  2. They land on a page you’ve chosen for the post/campaign
  • They are shown the CTA that you add with RocketLink – and interact with your brand further.The range of CTAs within RocketLink is rather impressive:- General CTA – you can add any message in a designated window. Let it be discounts, special offers, welcome message or invitation for a webinar – do it as you please.
    opt-in form – you can create pop-ups with forms so lead generation/building e-mail lists is made easier and more effective.
    chat widget – you can embed a live chat widget on your website so whoever clicks through, can contact you directly in seconds.
    embed video – you can add your own welcome messages, tutorials and explainer videos to any link you share. Let’s say that you redirect your audience to an external article about marketing, but you add embedded explainer videos of your marketing agency. Mindblowing, isn’t it?
    custom JS – integrate even more non-standard elements, as long as they provide JavaScript code snippets

Let us emphasize it once again – you can embed these elements for any page you link to through RocketLink.

6 Unknown Ways to Rocket up Your Ads on Social Media

Creating a custom audience

Making your own custom audience is not ROCKET science. However, it comes both with options and limitations as social media platforms need to deal with privacy issues and constant updates. RocketLink, by letting you add your retargeting pixels to content you share, helps you build remarketing lists of those who clicked through your content and are likely to engage with your brand further. The probability that they would like to keep interacting, convert, or buy is simply higher as they already showed some interest.

Targeting group members with FB Ads

One of the features that FB users are longing for the most is the ability to choose Facebook Groups as ad placements. Unfortunately, Facebook Ad Manager doesn’t allow you to do so, but RocketLink comes across as a handy workaround.

By shortening the links with RocketLink and posting them to groups of your choice, you’re able to create a custom audience out of those people who clicked through, and who are members of the groups you’re interested in targeting. And we’re talking about private groups, too.

6 Unknown Ways to Rocket up Your Ads on Social Media

How to target group members with RocketLink?

  1. Shorten a link with RocketLink.
  2. Share it on a group of your choice.
  3. Each and every click through lands on your marketing list.
  4. Create a custom audience and reach them further via paid ads.

It’s simple and very intuitive to do with RocketLink, and the results may be gobsmacking. Not only can you save time and money on getting to the best, and inaccessible until now, audience possible, but it makes it easier for you to scale your efforts and grow your business quicker.

Moving offline audience to online target group with QR codes pixel

We’re not done yet! There is another way of using RocketLink for optimizing your ads – and this way will come in handy especially if you run a brick-and-mortar store of offline visitors.

Since you can add retargeting pixels to your QR codes (that you may print on price tags, business cards, posters or place whenever you want), you can retarget your desired offline audience in the world of online.

How can you use it?

Let us list just a few ideas.

  1. Passengers who commute may scan your QR codes that you put on billboards. Then, you reach them with your online adverts.
  2. During the event, you can redistribute leaflets with QR codes so you’ll be able to naturally interact with them after the event finishes. No spam, no chasing, no pushy messages – just a natural advert making another touchpoint.
  3. You can also add such a QR code to price tags or messages in your shop. Let’s say that you run a chain of boutiques – by putting QR codes on your promotional materials, you can encourage clients to come and visit you again, or invite them to check out your shop online.

Those are just a drop in the ocean of ideas – we believe that with your creativity you can take it to the next level.

To wrap up

Running effective ads is challenging – you need to deal with competitors, audience requirements, social media platforms’ regulations, and creative ideas at the same time. However, if you think out of the box and encourage yourself to test some solutions out, you may overtake your competition sooner than you think and bring great business results on board. Another option is to consult a social media agency that would help you from troubles.

Involving RocketLink in your strategy is always a good idea.

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