The 2021 Top KPI Tools You Need to Succeed

The 2021 Top KPI Tools You Need to Succeed


If you’re reading this, you already know what a KPI is…and if you’re a business owner, you’re kinda dead in the water without it.

Just a quickie on what exactly is a KPI, for those of you who aren’t yet in the know. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators, the art of monitoring and tracking the most important parts of a business that are critical to its success. A big one is sales, revenue, and more importantly, net profit for a company is measured to ensure that the company’s sales are attractive and bringing insufficient revenue to cover their operating expenses and still make money for company stakeholders and owners. 

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While KPIs This article will focus on digital marketing KPIs, monitoring tools and efforts, and tracking, it is important to become aware that KPIs must exist in all businesses, even low tech, brick and mortar shops, and professions. 

With this in mind, we proudly present the top solutions for KPI tracking that your business can leverage and make the most out of in 2021. The most important part is, before deciding on which program, is to assess your needs as a business and apply the correct strategy…oh and work like hell to meet and exceed your goals!


This web-based system (read: nothing to download) is all about visual reporting and custom reports. With 5 star ratings and close to 1,000 companies scaling, this is the perfect solution for tracking and extracting data to not only define your objective but how to optimize your activity. 


A cloud-based and automated platform for managing all the processes related to the workforce aims to improve employees’ performance by assigning proper goals to them and analyzing the same using normalization curve and visual dashboard functionalities. With the timely review functionality, managers and employees can participate in the review process and share their views regarding the projects to get the best, productive, and most fruitful outcomes. Thus, it is a unified tool to conduct all the employees’ performance-related processes, which makes it the most trustworthy and usable software for your business. 

Gartner Digital Markets

This flexible cloud or installable solution platform creates a scalable and modular environment to be customized to your business needs. The offline option is key for many companies with slower or limited internet access. Gartner Digital Markets is a powerful solution but does require staff members to translate charts and statistics into meaningful applications for high up decision-makers.


One of the leading website tools to help you see what your customers see when they visit your website. A purely web-based tool to optimize your website performance and retain your hard-earned traffic 

Germain APM 

Germain is all about customer usage and activity, with automated flows and reporting to support its endeavor, advanced intelligent automated marketing that works while you sleep, this is a great combination between a reporting and a marketing tool to help your business to the next level. 


This full scope program has it all, from full-scale reporting to automated business intelligence that caters to all levels of your workforce. With automated and meaningful reporting that helps your team leaders, managers, and stakeholders make quick and meaningful decisions, this all in 1 tool is well defined in the market as a trusted tool to make your business support you.


An internal solution product for managing employees and workflows, this product is specifically designed to optimize multi-level project management. Milestones, versions, and phases help you manage projects optimally and to get the most bang for your buck.


Of course, we couldn’t forget about this one, since with smart analytics measuring KPIs is just easier!

That’s our shortlist of the products we feel will be the best to service your needs. Remember, establishing meaningful KPIs is the core and essence of any business success, plainly, if you don’t know what you’re meant to accomplish, you won’t do much!

It may be challenging to figure out exactly what the perfect goals are, and that’s ok! With most businesses, we can learn from the wisdom of the crowd, similar businesses, and most of all, trial and error. 

Every business idea, even cloud-based accounting software, always has to have an idea, a plan, and a route to get there. Nothing is written in stone and often time in businesses one must pivot to meet new market needs and optimize. 

This is where KPI Marketing and Operations play a major role in your business success, not only will the meeting and exceeding of your indicators display that you’re on the right track, the opposite is true as well. 

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When an indicator fails, it behooves the company to assess why it failed. Was it the product? The message, the branding, the staff? This is often the most difficult element to diagnose and correct, and this is exactly why KPIs and the tools we listed above are there, to help you not only fix the issues but to even know there are issues that have to be fixed.

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And once again, when it goes well, it’s a testament to your success and your team for making that happen. 

Happy Hunting!

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