Why Digital Coupons Should Be In Your Marketing Strategy

Why Digital Coupons Should Be In Your Marketing Strategy


Anyone who believes that digital coupons are of no modern significance when it comes to shopping trends, may just have their heads in the sand. According to statista, in 2020, 92% of online shoppers reported searching for relevant coupons before finalizing their purchases. 

If you own a small business, it shouldn’t be lost on you that your valued customers are working hard and want to save money on their purchases – especially in these turbulent times. The lockdowns of Covid-19 have escalated the rise of e-commerce, and the coupon trends have risen with it.

Once upon a time, paper-based coupons were something your Nanna used to collect to save a few cents on the basic groceries, but these days, digital couponing is big business. The modern age of automation and digitalization has even made it super easy for consumers to access great deals via coupons sourced using their smartphones. At the minimum, coupon codes can be offered for people to apply to purchases made on your website.

Let’s take a look at 5 top reasons why digital coupons should be a must when it comes to your marketing strategy.

1. Increase consumer engagement on mobile platforms

Especially when tying your offers into other campaigns, being able to capture your customers’ attention via mobile platforms is a key aspect to any modern marketing plan.

These deals can be incorporated into seasonal offers, tied into a contest, or combined in with your mobile email marketing campaigns. These mobile coupons are also flexible in that they can still be redeemed in store as well. 

2. Increase overall sales figures

There is a plethora of market research out there demonstrating that consumers are more inclined to follow through with a purchase if they have access to a discount or coupon that they can use to save some money.

It may seem counter-intuitive. You may feel that by offering a coupon, you are undervaluing your product or services, but in fact, it is highly likely that you will see an increase in the number of overall sales that you achieve. 63% of consumers reported that they would decide where to finalize their purchases based on which store offered a digital coupon deal.

Sometimes, a product’s price point is just too much for a customer to personally justify, yet they can be swayed by the offer of a discount via a digital coupon. Sweetening the deal in this way can also win you new fans of your brand that will turn them into lifelong customers.

3. Recapture sales and upsell

If you are offering a coupon discount and your competitors aren’t, chances are you are going to catch the attention of their price-conscious shoppers and potentially alter their purchasing decisions. In recent market analysis, data reported that 86% of Millennials said that they were open to persuasion when it came to switching brands based on how attractive a competing product’s coupon discounts were.

You can also further increase the value and experience of a customer’s purchases by offering discounts on other items that compliment their initial choice, thus increasing your upselling potential.

4. Greater control over when you make sales

Shoppers will be more inclined to purchase goods and services from you when you’re offering deals via digital coupons or coupon sites like deala.com. You can use this to your advantage by leveraging greater control over your profit, and offer fleeting and exclusive deals.

Offering limited-time, digital coupon deals can skyrocket your sales figures. Such marketing campaigns can create a sense of urgency in consumers, meaning that you no longer need to continually market to those potential customers who notoriously sit on the fence. Interestingly, 29% of consumers reported that they were more likely to purchase an item that was significantly discounted, whether or not they initially intended to or not.

5. Create targeted landing pages 

When you offer digital coupons, you create the opportunity to streamline your marketing efforts towards particular market niches or segments. By creating targeted landing pages for mobile and/or digital coupon consumers, you can tie these coupon deals directly into specific landing pages. This can be especially effective for the mobile market – they are heavy users of coupons and this can significantly improve the relevancy of your deals and offers.

You can also utilize marketing plugins and link-management tools like RocketLink to create custom audiences based upon the users who click on your URLs. You can then target consumers who are interested in specific content or your particular products, and thus significantly increase conversions.

In our fast-paced, tech-savvy world, digital coupons are a highly effective way of getting more customers to visit your website or walk through your door and make a purchase. They can also be an incredibly powerful tool in increasing brand awareness.

Who doesn’t enjoy saving money? By offering attractive and convenient deals via coupons, you significantly enhance the consumer experience, thus potentially also improving your customer retention. Even some of the biggest brands out there incorporate digital coupons into their marketing plans, and they have access to the greatest marketing minds around.

The way of the world is changing rapidly, and to keep up, we need to evolve with it.

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