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Links shortening

Why You Should Always Shorten Your Links?

Wojciech Jasnos

Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, influencer, entrepreneur or just an ordinary internet user, you probably share some links from time to time. Sometimes it’s a video of a cat being a jerk, sometimes a blog post or a news article. No matter what you share, you can do it thanks to a URL. There are many ways to make this activity enjoyable and very profitable if you do it right.

Without digging into boring tech stuff, a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a web address. It helps a web browser locate the resource to present the content.

Let’s say you just discovered YouTube for the first time and you’d like to share it with a friend, sending the website’s URL seems like the best approach. YouTube.com is a short and simple phrase. You’re sharing it with one friend, so you don’t need to check how many times the link has been clicked or attach any cool stuff to it. It won’t even be a problem to retype the link using another device if needed. But…

Not Every Link is Short

In most cases you instead of main (root) URL’s you are sharing links to more specific locations. Everyone knows YouTube. But when you find a cool video of a parrot, like one below, you need to share the exact link that leads to the particular video.


I can’t imagine retyping these characters manually. But believe me, YouTube videos have pretty short links already. Some web pages’ URL’s consist of hundreds of characters.

Why You Should Use a Link Shortener

In case your link is too long or hard to remember you can use one of many branded URL shortening services like bitly.com or tinyurl.com. These services simply create a short link in their domain that redirects a visitor to the destination location (your long URL). 

We can turn this:

into this:

or this: 

No doubt it’s a lot easier to handle a link that is short. Some shortening services allow you to customize the URL slug (the part after the ‘/’) as well as use your own custom domain. It’s useful when you share links on a regular basis with your audience.

Having a URL like links.yourname.com/cat-video is not only cool and easy to remember. It looks professional and is proven to benefit brand’s credibility and hence increase Click-through rate (CTR). Users are more likely to click on a link that reveals where it leads.

Creating a short, easy to retype and remember, version of a link is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more…

Link Retargeting

One of the most powerful weapons of URL shorteners or Amazon link shorteners like RocketLink.io is the possibility to embed retargeting pixels in ANY links you share.

Remarketing pixels

If you have ever used digital ads like Facebook Ads or Google Ads (ex Adwords), you have probably noticed that those platforms provide a specific JavaScript code snippet that you can add to your website.

Let’s use a Facebook Pixel example

If you add the Pixel code to your website, it will identify every person that visits your web page. This allows you to create a custom audience based on your website’s visitors and reach them with a remarketing campaign. It is proven that it’s over 1000% more likely to convert someone who was on your site before than a total stranger. Some researches have shown even a 2000% increase in conversion rate, but 1k is an excellent score as well!

Why You Should Always Shorten Your Links?

As you can see, retargeting is a big deal and if you aren’t running retargeting campaigns yet, you have to accept the fact of losing a lot of money. So get things done, cause there’s more!

Retarget people who haven’t visited your website at all

Wah… What?
Yeah, you don’t even need to own a website to create perfectly targeted custom audiences and run cheap and surgically precise remarketing campaigns!

That’s just the power of Link Retargeting. Let’s get back to it.

Retarget Any Link You Share

Using RocketLink.io you can add retargeting scripts to any link you create. It can be someone else’s website, blog post, interesting article, a funny video or any other content that may be interesting for your target audience. Sharing this link organically on social media, Facebook Groups, forums related to your niche or any other places you like, will give you the opportunity to retarget people who clicked on your link.

The link you share should be interesting to the audience you will share it with and related to the product/service you will offer later.

People who clicked on that kind of link are very likely to click your retargeting ads later and eventually buy from you. This strategy allows you to increase CTR and lower your ads CPC a lot.

If you haven’t tried this before I highly recommend trying RocketLink. It has a lot more fantastic features like adding your own CTA overlay as well as any other external tool widget (opt-in forms, chat boxes, push notifications, and any other web tools that provide a JS snippet).

Here is a simple demo of just a few tools implemented to a link using RocketLink:

The end.

Thank you for reading this very first post on this blog. New ones are coming so stay tuned.

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